I just saw a mock draft with JWill at #35

That’s a rough range. Because a high second round pick is not guaranteed to make the roster, and he might be better off returning to school than making G League money.

I put a lot of value in going the college route to improve your draft stock more than the g league. I guess I just believe that few make it on an NBA roster, so why not get your degree while your trying to get better. I understand Muss’s position that you gotta get in the system, but if I like college, and I want a degree, and I’m not desperate for money, I’m not leaving unless I’m a top 20. I realize few fit those parameters, but that’s the easiest way for me to make my point.

Hoorah that he’s being regarded this way. But, I feel he needs to work on his offensive skills - better doing that at the UofA, while getting closer to a degree.

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