I just love to read all of the hand-wringing posts

On the board fretting over JWill, not enough guards, etc. We all love JWill but if he moves on, he moves on. Trust that Miss knows what he’s doing!


Who said Arkansas doesn’t have enough guards next season??

EDIT: Sorry, I’m behind and trying to catch up. Not looking for a fight, I swear. I think Arkansas is going to be fine there. Eric Musselman probably does, too, or one or more of the guys he grabbed from the portal would have been a backcourt guy.


Nick Smith, Anthony Black, Derrian Ford and Jordan Walsh coming in. Why would we need more guards? We needed bigs!


After today I think we are loaded with Bigs. This may very well be one of the biggest teams our hogs have had in years.
6’4” may be the shortest player on the roster and 6’8” or taller we may have 5!
Muss is trying to assemble a roster to compete with anyone in the country.

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