I just looked up the Suckeye roster

Looking for details on the kicker. And I find just above him on the numerical roster, Zak Herbstreit, second year tight end. Yes, it’s Kirk’s kid, on the team as a PWO. Of course everybody knows Kirk played QB there, and now his son’s on the team, but he is able to separate that from doing his job.


I thought they should have him on the other game. If OSU had made the title game, fine, let him call it.

Kirk was fantastic tonight. Very tough spot to be in and he did a great job.


That’s what makes Kirk such a great announcer very few can separate where they went to school and the games he calls but he can. I really like him and look forward to the games he does because he really knows the game. A lot of people don’t like him simply because he graduated from OSU but they need to listen to game he does not simply be biased because of where he went to college!


I thought he did a great job as he always does. In the post game he talked about being an OSU guy and how he could be proud of them, but if you did not know it, you would have no idea from the way he called the game.


Kirk did a great job tonight, and the fact that his son is on the OSU team makes it even more impressive that he is able to do his job and remain neutral. He is certainly one of the best in the business.

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He’s gotten a lot better with age. He is one of my favorite announcers.

I told my wife he played for tOSU and she was shocked. Said you would never know.

He is one of my favorite announcers

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True; a real pro.

He had a son or two walk on at Clemson with Dabo and covered their games during the playoffs so this is not new news.
Kirk is the new Beano Cook \ Keith Jackson of college football. Now if they wanted to remove the other announcer who is his side kick that might improve the telecast too.

My problem with Kirk is almost every year before the College Football Season, he projects the fall of the SEC, and either Ohio State or Michigan will win the National Championship.

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Like the Yankees basebal of old , change rules when you cannot beat them on the field. South has better weather so more sports are played (better athletics). Nothing against hockey though, Big 10 needs good indoor winter activities to go with basketball. Keeps them up North like the Canadian snowbirds.

No way they’re not going to let Kirk call that game. He’s earned his stripes. I thought it effected Fowler more because of who he was standing next to.

I was watching the Dallas game Thursday night, and I kept hearing his voice, asked my son, “Is that Herbstreit?” He said, “No, he is a college announcer, he’s on Gameday.” I replied with a “duh”. About 10 seconds later they showed the booth, the legendary Al Michaels, and yes, Herby. I thought to myself, how many college guys, get to call a pro game. Kirk said it was an honor for him because he was calling a game with Michaels.

I was impressed with his knowledge of the pro game and their players. He sounded like he was covering a college team and getting all the info that Gameday usually has. He is an awesome sports broadcaster.

He also was the first “insider” to claim the SEC was the top conference and was being underrated way back in 05/06. He knows his stuff.


When you looked up the OSU schedule, which tattoo did they choose for their page heading?

“We suck” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I sort of enjoy the Skycast because it’s more like the experience of being at the game with the Stadium public address announcer calling out whom did what after each play, down and distance.

Oh, Georgia got extremely lucky last night.
I’ll be rooting for TCU!

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I am obviously a contrarian because I can’t stand Herbstreit. He never shuts up. It’s as if he has to show how smart he is and prove his insider cred on every stinking play, often pointing out stuff that anyone with eyes can see. And his hyperventilating partner on the college broadcasts, whatshisname, makes it worse.

Just saw where Chris Fowler is in the news for saying one of the OSU players looked like he had “few extra biscuits” over the break between the regular season and the recent game. Getting some interesting reactions.

Herbstreit also had a son or two that were PWOs at Clemson.

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He is. His twins are older than Zak, and they played for Clemson during their playoff runs and Kirk called their games.