I just have to believe

That JWill will come to the same conclusion that Oscar did. It is a mistake to leave early if you are not a guaranteed lottery pick.

I have heard about some of the NIL deals that have been presented…very lucrative for Jaylin.

My hope is that Jaylin grasps what he means to Razorback Nation. He could be an All-Time Hog and lead us to our 2nd natty with that great smile. That means a ton in this small state.

I think he, and his family, know this. He’s not quite ready for the NBA, but one more year as a Hog could make ALL of his dreams come true.

I still believe he will choose wisely.
Go Hogs!


If he grades out at anything less than a top 25 pick he should come back. Smart young man who will make a good decision and I for one agree he comes back.

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Ten more pounds of muscle, better three ball, and national exposure that will be coming has a lot to do with the draft next year.

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NiL deals and another year to get better makes the options on decision easier than either you go or not and lose all options. Hard to think Oscar is not equal to JWIL at this point.

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I’m always at a loss on how the NBA draft works…I’ve read repeatedly it’s mostly about potential…especially for big men. I would like to know the stats of all the players which enter the NBA draft early and just how many actually make the team and are still playing in the NBA three years later.
I just hope these young men fully realize when they enter the NBA draft, they’re competing against grown men already in the NBA fighting to keep their job. JWill and the other Razorbacks are fortunate to have CEM and his NBA veteran staff to provide honest analysis of their games and how they stack up against NBA veterans. I think it’s smart of JWill to go through the initial process without a signed agent and learn the nitty gritty of the NBA and objective analysis of his game.
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