I just have this feeling we are going to win

Just curious as to if you predicted the hogs to win the National Championship this year? I was looking through the Alabama score predictions and noticed you picked us to win that also.

Its a Kool-Aid post, but not highly toxic Kool-Aid.
More Brandon Martin & TJ Hammonds means more weapons on Offense,
So why not.

Here’s where the fun part of the game is for me… watching Kelly run over people and taking another step toward being a complete QB. There is not another ounce of expectation beyond that, but certainly a win would shock me and a lot of other fans. It could happen with a couple of early breaks and gaining some momentum. Being a 15.5 underdog at home doesn’t bode well.

Nope, I picked 8-5 this year.
I had them losing to TCU, ALA, LSU,AUB,TAM but I do think that AUB has a great def though they had below average DBs.
So I think we score more than enough to win.

Does it hurt to believe that we are not the worst team and bail on them?
I will not do that

SC was the one that shocked me

What I didn’t think was we would lose what I listed above.

Do you really think that most teams can lose that kind of production and experience and not have a lot of drop off??

No you obviously will lose production when you have key injuries. But we aren’t the only team that has had key injuries, and even when we were healthy we didn’t look good. I knew from game 1 in LR that we wouldn’t be competitive, the team looked bad from day 1.

SC for example, had 3 starting OL out, and their #1 receiver out, who is the best wide receiver in the SEC maybe the country, and they still managed to man handle us. So yes injuries play a part, but it’s part of the game, and everyone has them.

I respect your optimism, I wish I had it. I look at the team and only see negative, partially because there’s not much to be happy about in year 5, and my dislike for Bret has quadrupled since the season began. He’s just not the guy and it kills me to see my hogs like this.

We all want the best, just some in different ways.

I don’t like getting Auburn after a loss in almost must win for Gus to keep his wolves at bay.

On paper Auburn has more talent.

But Brett coaching for his job and it just seems it’s our turn.

I’m drinking cool aide and still feeling like it’s our turn.

I’m afraid Hogs will be 2-6 as they prep to go 2-0 in the Sunbelt. Auburn too many horses and with no pass rush Shea Patterson will throw at will.

Hopefully they’ll surprise me.

Gus is pretty good after a loss. I think he will look to embarrass us once again.

As I have said, everyone is entitled to their opinion and no one’s is right or wrong.

It’s just how they feel or how they choose to get up in the morning and deal with life.

Let’s debate the issues, but not get into it with each other and take it personal.

staying in my house this weekend.

One is a big Auburn booster that just turned 60 and is giving himself the extended birthday present of going to each Auburn game home and away this season.

He wants Coach Malzahn gone and has for two years.

He believes that if Coach Malzahn loses tonight, he will be fired next week so they can get ahead of others in the coaching search.

From the people around the program he talks to, he also believes Coach Malzahn must beat BOTH Georgia and Alabama or he is gone.

Apparently it is about not beating those two teams and also they are extremely disappointed in his offense and his recruiting.

Injuries never hurt as much if you have depth, that is the problem that is most difficult for coaches at Arkansas it seems. WPS

That’s interesting. You wouldn’t know it from all Malzahn’s Twitter Booming.

He must be amazed then that Bielema still graces the Arkansas sideline!

See that you are back to form, responding to a post about Malzhan and interjecting Bielema. Consistent!