I just have this feeling we are going to win

Just seems like it’s our turn for something good to happen

I will take some of that kool-aid, so pour it up! :wink:

Please hang on to that rabbits foot! I hope your feeling is correct. It would be great to beat Auburn. I will be happy to see the hogs play with some fight and compete.
Winning would be a bonus.

It seems Gus is starting to catch some flak after last Saturday’s loss so we can expect more trick plays than what’s usual from Gus. I like our chances with the improvements we saw last week and being at home should help some I hope. WPS

-Our defense is going to get gashed as expected. Malzahn is probably going to pick on Dre and our safeties with all sorts of misdirections. How much do we blitz and how much do we let Stidham run loose on blitzes?

-Our offense against their defense is not a good match for us.
Is the Oline going to make a good improvement from week 1 to week 2?
Are we going to continue throwing quick passes to reduce pressures and sacks?
Are we going to take advantage of our QB’s unique height and visibility over the lineman that allows him a unique benefit of seeing the middle of the field better than most QB’s.
Can we get the run game going?
Uptempo will put our defense on the field more.

I have the same feeling. I won’t call for a win, but I think we give them all they want.

If LSU can score on them, I think we can to.

I’m trying to drink the

A win would do wonders for all of us (Team and fans), but it appears that we are facing a team that talent-wise is very close to Alabama. Our Coaches have evidently done a terrible job of evaluating talent (and I mean overall talent) or we simply will never be able to get the elite athletes that most every team in the SEC gets (yes, even Kentucky and Miss State)

Look at our losses. Even SC is faring well. We have lost to some VERY good teams! Yes, we CAN beat All-Barn…

LSU had a punt return TD. Our special team play has not been good.

I hope you are right. Still, answer these questions.

The Oline has yet to block anybody all year. There has been musical chairs. Auburn defense is suppose to be very good. No one has scored much on them. Will the Oline all of a sudden be able to protect the passer or open some run lanes?

There has been no defense in two or more years. Will they all of a sudden be able to stop Auburn (For an upset, that must happen) who ran up and down the field on them last year with the only thing stopping them being air?

Will special teams start playing up to SEC levels? They have not done that since I don’t know when.

Do those three things and you have a pretty good chance. Continue to play as history indicates, and you are looking at another blowout. Which happens?

I think Hogs can win.

Been here before, seen it happen. It’s a very familiar script. Start 2-4, catch fire, pull big October upset, go 7-5, get to bowl and win, finish 8-5, optimism galore in offseason.

But then it’s like a shampoo bottle instructions, repeat and do it again next year.

Happy to see this movie again this season.

But tired of it too and hope it’s different next season – for the better !

I’ve had a hard time finding the Kool-Aide to drink lately recently since my Rose Colored Glasses have been fogged over.

I’m doing my best to clean those glasses.

A win would be awesome…

My heart agrees with you. My head says, “no way.”

Actually, I think we’re a better team than our record indicates, despite how badly we played against SC. Still, AU is better than us. Perhaps not as much better as I’d have said before last weekend, but still better. We can win, but a lot has to fall our way.

A plus two in turnovers and we stand a good chance of winning.

At risk of being a Debbie Downer, I have good news and bad news. Good news is we have better chance of winning this week than last week in ESPN Analytics. Auburn is 85% forecast winner compared to 98% for Bama. Bad news is Hawgs are only favored to win Coastal (96%) and Mizzou (73%) which is same as last week. Anything can happen on a given weekend but it needs to happen now as time is running short. Hawgs will have to win two games that they are not favored to get to the 6 wins.

I believe an upset can happen, but this team has to learn how to win. We can’t play not to lose. If we get the lead, we’ve got to keep fighting to score on every position and make stops defensively, even forcing turnovers. It’s not going to be an easy win; they have a great defense. But an upset win is supposed to be an uphill climb.

And I can’t fight this feeling anymore,
I don’t know how our Hogs are gonna score,
It’s time to bring this boat into the dock
Because we can’t even beat the cocks, facing 56-3, we’re drifting

Win or lose. This will be a very entertaining game.

Time for the defense to step up this week and WR’s and Cole to really make some progress this week

Not sure about winning, but think it will be a fun one to watch if your a football fan

Do b you guys realize that the teams we lost to are pretty good

So far their record is like 23-3
No matter how much people want to hammer CBB. This team lost a lot of talent
RB,WR,QB Der players that were drafted in the nfl.
Lot of talent left but young

Ark 35
Aub 24