I just got back from Auburn

The Sunday game was played in perfect weather. Mid-70s, a light North breeze, low humidity and just a few fluffy clouds. My family sat between home plate and first base. I didn’t realize until we sat there awhile that it was a perfect view of the balls and strikes. At least according to the Auburn fans in our section. It was quite comical as we had several laughing moments.

The one hit that was extremely impressive watching it live was when Webb hit that bomb to center field. That was a big wow moment! For some reason the Auburn fans didn’t have the same reaction.

We were delighted to know that they are several razorback fans in the Auburn area that were there at the game. We had a good time talking to them. All in all, it was a perfect day for baseball and we enjoyed the heck out of that win.


I’ve been to Auburn several times… I will say this about their fans they are very classy the times I’ve been to the football games and the baseball games. They have always been very congratulatory when we won and always wished us a safe travels.

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We had zero problems with their fans. They acted no different than fans of most teams including the razorbacks. Not only did my oldest grandson graduate from Auburn this past weekend but I have a middle grandson that just finished his freshman year at Auburn. They both wore their Auburn shirts and hats.

Of course, they were actually cheering for Arkansas without showing they were cheering for Arkansas, if you know what I mean. We had a great time and the Auburn fans that we knew and met were very nice.

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