I just got a big kick from reality

sister school to my daughter’s school was the victim of a mass shooting this morning, A kid that I was planting garden favorites for attends that school and I am grateful she is still alive. A 28 year female took two .223 rifles (AK47 style) and a handgun into her former school _(Covenant Presbyterian), probably through a locked side door then pulled a fire alarm and opened fire on assembled kids and staff. 3 kids and 3 adults shot dead. Shooter was shot and killed within 13 minutes (take note Uvalde). Very strange to believe the likelihood of this being real, but the point made to me was that gun shelter practice is real. I have made fun poking at one really good friend who is an administrator at CPA who handles that kind of gig/ I had gotten a text about the CPA (daughters school) going on lock down for suspicious wanderer on campus. No issues but the response was vigorous. I thought no way at an isolated private school. Just happened for real 10 minutes away. I got texts and email updates all morning.

now the politics are starting, the Nashville Police who have had their share of accusations and bad pub handled the situation rapidly and I am just asthonished at the state of the world.


Ray…we received a text shortly after the shooting from our daughter. This is her former church when she lived in Nashville and the Pastor is a friend from college. It’s beyond sad. And kudo’s to the Nashville police for quick action unlike the other police department you mentioned.

She had more info that has not been released through friends with kids there but I’m not going to go there.

Prayers, prayers and more prayers. Life if precious.


Very sad situation but unfortunately it’s not surprising anymore, just a lot of evil people out there today… Praying for all the people involved.

So horrific. Why didn’t the be ach just take her own life without causing such pain for so many people. Parents, siblings, extended family, friends. Sickening and mindless.


I knew the head of school who was at CPA throughout my daughters elementary years. Ms Koonce was the first shot, Covenant is a feeder school for CPA. St Pauls is literally down the hill and was the first alert that went out to parents to get their kids.

I thought fire drills and tornado drills were stupid when I was in school, but the kids were taught well and did what they were supposed to do. All the information is coming out and will be revealed by tomorrow. Shooter had maps and did surveillance and supposedly wrote a manifesto. Her family is still here in Nashville. Audrey Hale is complex and a trained shooter who identifies as transgender. Politics got into the airwaves in a hurry. Hale is the 5th mass shooter who is/was female.

Nashville is a small town big city. lots of links.

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Gun shelter practice is all well and good, but steps need to be taken so that gun shelter practice isn’t needed. It ain’t that hard.

They’re reporting now that the three dead kids were all 9 years old.


Sent you a pm.


Crazy world nowadays. Such a tragic & sad event. Prayers to all involved.

This is broke.

Wow. Prayers to everyone! What happened to our society! This is way out of control!
3 kids 9 years old lost their life! Words can’t describe how horrible this is!
Thanks to the police this shooter won’t kill or harm
Anyone else.


I thought all day how crazy it was that a woman did this, because they never do these things.
But then I found out that the shooter was actually a man, and it all made sense.
This world is legit F’ed up.

I have a friend that was in federal prison on a drug charge. He said that you could get a tooth pulled, but you couldn’t get a crown.
However, if you wanted a sex change, it was completely covered by the government. Please make that make sense to me…and don’t get me started on Lia Thomas.

What does this country even stand for anymore?

Very, very sad, and it has nothing to do with guns.


There have been three legit women mass killers in the last 3 years or so.

And 5 all-time. Your point?
Mine is this country has lost it’s way and it’s mind.
When will common sense and decency start to matter again?

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Thought your point was women would never do these things.

Sadly, Jeremy, things will likely get much worse.

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My daughter went to college with Pastor Chad. They were good friends. She also attended his church in Nashville prior to moving to Chattanooga. She is good friends with his entire family and loved his daughter who was murdered. Like all of us she is devastated. My grandchildren knew the family well too. It’s really tough for my 9 year old grandson who is her age. Please pray for the entire Covenant family.


The shooter was not a man! The shooter was a female, who apparently was in some stage of transitioning to a hybrid gender… a.k.a., a transgender.

the video of the takedown is real and graphic. The Nashville PD went a long way towards proving why their presence is needed, lots of pressure to decomission them because of past bad shootings. This is the body cam vid of the takedown