I just don't know what to think about our program

Under Mike, our program has just been so wildly inconsistent. I’m very reluctant to be “all in” on them because every time I think we might be turning the corner as a program, we go out and lay an egg. I’ve begun to question if Mike can make us a consistent top 25 program which is what I believe we should be.

I like Mike as our coach. I like the style he at least attempts to play. I can hardly stand to watch Stan Heath ball. But I hear what you’re saying. On the one hand I think that he tries to be like Nolan but that he is missing Nolan’s coaching edge, instincts and force, or that maybe the overall athletic level in college basketball has risen to a level which renders this style obsolete. On the other hand I think that Mike did quite well at UAB and MO… so what is missing here?

I don’t understand it but I am willing to wait and see what the impending influx of new players/talent can do. As we have seen, our coaching options are more limited than most realize and the chances of us making a homerun hire are not great and probably non-existent with captain integrity doing the hiring.

This is a very good, balanced post. I’m not sure the overall talent is better in college basketball. I just think it is concentrated at the very top more than it has ever been thanks in part to the complete emphasis on the 1 and Done programs and the Big Dance. Once you’re off the pedestal it’s hard to get back.

I also think the biggest change (other than having to recruit off of a generation of mostly irrelevancy) is the way that the game is now played.

Pressure defense is discouraged. Every touch (especially on the road) is a foul.

That’s why you see us pressing less and less effectively.

Just about the only team that presses a lot and does it effectively anymore is West Virginia and they are very susceptible to big gaps in the home/road splits.

I agree with this thread.

I like Mike too and can’t understand the inconsistencies.

I keep hoping he is Nolan but his team’s don’t show that edge or aggressiveness that Nolan had nearly as much.

I really hate to feel this way but he really has to make the tournament for me to keep up confidence that program is where it needs to be in year five.

I’m so rooting for him but not as sold as I was at beginning.

Maybe we just miss some talent still or this team needs more time to gel I don’t know.

The record looks about where I would hope but I’m afraid it is deceptive a little.

Mikes DNA is defense and that is what seems more worrisome to me but I’m hopeful Mike can correct enough to just make tourney and keep building to where we were from 77 to 2000 days.

Not all teams were great but most made ncaa.

Hopeful that’s the case this year.

Go hogs!

i agree with you on this

I think the issue is, we used to be in that upper tier and attract that kind of talent

Selfishly, I’m rooting extremely hard for Mike this year and next year. Maybe I’m delusional, but I’m so high on our 2018 recruiting class that I don’t want anything to happen that could break up that class. It seems nearly certain to me that Mike being fired would drastically harm the class. When you also insert Gafford, as a soph, into the 2018 class it provides some amazing potential.

The 2019-20 recruiting classes in Arkansas also have a world of potential that could be the Hogs’ springboard to return to national prominence. If Mike can just get us into the Big Dance these next 2 years, we could be be looking at some great seasons from 2018 to '23. At my age, I probably can’t look much further into the future than that. I’m more than ready to relive that 1989 to '95 era.

TBH honest with you I’m looking forward to next year more than 2018. We’ll have 6 seniors next year, and bringing in a great recruiting class to go with them. You have to think Macon and Barford are already pretty good right now, history tells us that JUCOs are significantly better their second year. So, we’re talking about 2 guys that may be All-SEC next year. Plus you add Beard and Thompson being even better, Arlando Cook being better (he seems to be the guy suffering from the first year JUCO inconsistencies). Bailey and Jones will have had a year to learn the system and get in the rotation. I really think 2017-2018 season will be our sweet 16/elite 8 year that we’ve been waiting on from CMA.

For the 2018-2019 season. I think we’ll be good and a tournament team, but we’ll be losing a whole lot, even with a top 5 class (which this should be) I still think there will be some growing pains. But, the following year after that when all these guys have had a year in the system, we may be looking at one of the best razorback teams since 94’-95.

And I’m like you, we’re too close to make a change. We’ve been waiting so long. You get rid of Anderson, we’re talking about significant contributors transferring as well as losing the majority of guys in that 2018 class. I think there’s no way Perry comes here without Anderson, his stock is rising by the day.