I just don’t get it

How we can look so soft at times?
I know CMA is anything but soft.
And we are supposed to be so aggressive.

And how can a team playing such aggressive defense only commit five fouls in a half?

Where is the driving by our guards against such tight defense?

We spend all our time standing around I don’t know why we don’t run a motion offense for everybody moving in and out. Pretty much one-on-one basketball the whole half they got in our face and we can do nothing about it

Long rebounds, loose balls, and 50/50 balls have not been our friend tonight. Foul shooting is less than great tonight, come on guys.

34-10 free throw discrepancy. Ridiculous. Got to make the ones you get though, 3-10 won’t cut it.

Very little forward or consistent post production in the paint.

This is why fewer free throws.

We rely on the bomb instead of getting fouls in the paint which makes road games hard to win.

As I wrote in another thread, this just isn’t accurate. MSU shot a 3 on more than 1/3 of their FG attempts, we were at less than 1/4. MSU took more long jumpers than we did by a pretty fair margin.

Youdaman, Mike DOES run a motion offense! What do you think you’re watching? Now, I will agree that too many times the ball stops, and they rely on a ball screen late in the clock to get a shot. But their essential offense is motion. Various flavors. They aren’t calling out plays and running sets very often. Its motion.

All we had to do was make 2/3 of our free throws and game was tied. We missed front ends of one-and-ones too. We had silly turnovers and in the last minute, we just didn’t execute to win. When I saw us go to zone defense toward the end of the game, it initially looked like we had stopped their game plan to drive to the basket. But, they made two three point shots while we were in the zone. That shouldn’t have happened. Maybe it was just luck. I wonder what would have happened had we stayed in our man defense which we had played most of the game.

The turnovers at the end killed us for sure but that’s not what beat us alone. We did not value the ball. We had some poor shots taken! The free throws we did get (5/12) doesn’t help. When you shots above 50% from the field you should win!
The free throw line beat us! (24/40).
Macon and Bardford did not show up to play in the first half! We were unable to build a lead! We passed up some open looks to throw the ball away. They have to play smart and make the simple play and forget the high light reel.
Gafford learned from this game. He had a good game overall.
On the bright side we were dead even with 39 rebounds for both teams. That’s a plus for the hogs. Let this game slip away. They will improve.

It’s not very often that all 3 of Beard, Macon, and Barford played bad at times. The disparity in fouls is a tragedy of the SEC.
-Trey Thompson has not been playing good for the 2nd game in a row. Bad lazy passing. Is he sick? Gafford was having to play too many minutes because Trey is such a liability the last 2 games.
-Our depth at Guard is really not good if CJ Jones is sucking. We lost Khalil Garland to Med RS who could have been a help. Hall is playing some 2 or 3 to relieve Beard, Macon, and Barford some of the time but he isn’t ideal at all to replace a real 1 or 2 guard.
-Beard, Macon, and Barford are playing too many minutes when CJ isn’t shooting well. We can’t afford to play CJ a lot if he isn’t shooting good enough to over come his defense.
-Barford looked very tired last night.

That last 3 CJ put up was a terrible shot he needs to be able to shoot with balance. He never took a shot where he looked good last night. When he missed the 2 free throws aginst the Vols he didn’t look comfortable! He needs to pick it up. I thought Cook would get more playing time last night. Bardford may have been tired. He sure didn’t look like himself at the tip!

CJ and Trey are in a funk for some reason.