I just can't do it! CAN"T!! I can't root for LSPew.

As much as I like to root for every SEC team in tourneys, I’m just finding it very
difficult to root for them against Oregon State. I guess thats just something I’m
going to have to live with.

Still I got to wonder about rooting for all the SEC teams. Do we really want to
get to Omaha and it be filled with SEC teams. We’ve never won an SEC Tourney
so do we want to turn Omaha into one?

Still I love seeing the SEC abuse other conferences!!


I hope the Beavers crush Loser State!!!

Absolutely agree!
And the LSMew kittens are getting beat up!!
OSU up 10/1, top of 5th.
Hess is gone.
LSU will soon be!
GO HOGS:bangbang:

LSU better go find the possum they will need it to come back from the loser’s bracket. Without Hilliard hurts but with the dead arms from last week they are probably toast.

Wow, what a choice. Root for the Corndogs or for the team whose pitcher molested his 6 year old niece. I was at work tonight but I think I would have seriously pulled for the selective meteor strike in western Oregon.

I called it after they beat us last week in SECT. LSU burned Hess’s arm to beat us for the tournament chance that means less this time of year. I agree that tired arms will be the end of LSUs season today. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch.

I will root for the Tiggers.

That’s good Swine! Could have made the world a better place in a flash.

:lol: :lol: :lol: