I just believe

the lack of a true PG hurts this team. Macon and Barford would be better playing without the ball. They’re coming but the lack of a true PG to me is the problem.

I’ve thought the same thing. Especially to get our front court more involved in the offense and create more inside outside looks and penetration.

A great PG would be great, but I think the 4 position is what will eventually be our doom unless one of the young guys can handle it. No secret to beating Arkansas, completely forget about Thomas, Cook, and Thompson. Between all of them on a good night we might get 6 points.

Correct. “Point guards” are almost a thing of the past and our problem is at the four. Four has to be a threat or a great defender or gafford has to get better at the line.

You can almost survive with a lack of scoring from the 4 but you have to have solid defense and rebounding! The point guard issue shows up late in games for sure. Both problems hurt but as a team they have to run their offense which they fail to do late in games. The defensive rebounding has to improve.