I just believe the end

is in sight. Their are now rumors of CMA has been asked to change his assistants or else. Is that true, who knows??? If so, I don’t know an assistant that would jump at that because a bad season and they’ll be fired anyway. I rode with CMA until I just couldn’t ride anymore. I just believe this is as far as he can take us. He came in and righted the ship, but I regretfully believe we need a new captain.

There’s no realistic way to make the recruiting fair in college basketball. So what would you accomplish charging coaches every 3 to 4 years? Reggie Perry decommited during the summer! Whose fault is that$$$$$? The fault for this losing doesn’t make me happy but what’s the reality of the situation.
Next year that’s it!

While I don’t disagree that cheating happens and the NCAA seems blind to it in certain places, our issues are not all talent and player driven. Unfortunately, Mike has chosen an approach and style that either does not fit his team or is not that suitable for today’s game.
Cheating can explain some of the recruiting misses, but it seems commonly known that many of the higher profile kids are not overly receptive to playing Mike’s game. Mike’s previous success indicates ability, but sometimes too much reliance on what worked in the past can limit one’s openness to change.

That’s the issue. We don’t have the players for this style, one of the announcers even said it during the game last night.

Coaches find what their team does well and they put them in a situation to be successful. Mike coaches what he knows and believes in, regardless of personnel. In the end not having the personnel to fit your system is on him. This roster has about 6-7 players capable of playing at this level. Gabe and Ibby were late additions because we couldn’t get anyone else. Adrio is a miss on Mike’s part as well as Ethan. The loss of Garland hurt us with his medical issue. He cannot recruit elite talent, the elite players would have been Hogs regardless of our coach, they have been from Arkansas. I think he has done about all he can.

While I am not sure of where this headed, I do feel safe - after talking to those around the program - in saying that the request to change assistant coaches has not happened.

It could, but has not happened yet other than in some fans’ minds.

I hope that’s the case… I think that’s wrong under any circumstance… Forcing a coach to make changes with assistants is not a solution and usually makes the coach bitter Or they refuse and get fired… IMO it never works out

Has Mike recruited an NBA player not from the state of Arkansas during his time at Arkansas?

Not that have had full NBA careers.

Obviously BJ Young and Jaylen Barford have played on summer league teams, but not in the show in the regular season.

I guess Coach Richardson had out of stateers Lee Mayberry, Todd Day, Oliver Miller, Joe Johnson and Jannero Pargo.

Coach Sutton had Scott Hastings, Joe Kleine, Darrell Walker and Alvin Robertson.

I’m sure I may be missing someone.

I agree except for the last sentence there’s still hope

Wasn’t Joe Johnson an Arkansas kid?

I thought Joe Johnson was from Arkansas?

Yes. Joe is from Little Rock. Patrick Beverley should be on that list as well. He was from Chicago. Was that Heath?.. I think that’s been the issue. Gotta have guys…Nolan had them, Eddie had them, Mike hasn’t been able to go out and get them…unless they’re from Arkansas, which you really cant make a long term living on.

Both Sutton and Nolan had plenty of other out of state players that were a big part of their programs- JimCounce, Steve Schall, Darnell Robinson and so on.

Yep…Kareem Reid, Derek Hood, Pat Bradley, etc…maybe not NBA guys but damn good college players.

Joe Johnson is from Little Rock.

Yea Beverly was a Heath recruit but a problem child as were several of Stan’s players.

Mike could have made a pretty good living on AR kids had he gotten all of them.

I do think no Arkansas coach will ever have the advantage that Nolan Richardson had when he came to Arkansas.
As a side issue I saw Nolan play college basketball at UTEP when I lived in El Paso. A few years later he popped up as our coach. But Nolan was one of two coaches I remember being a major college basketball coach and also black. That was I think to his advantage.