I Joe odds?

I haven’t seen much chatter since Isaiah Joe put his name in the pool. So folks what are the odds that he returns next season?

Anybody who thinks they know is simply guessing because there is a long time bow between the time he would have to pull his name out in June.

My “guess” right now is that he comes back, based simply on not hiring an agent.

Dudley is right no one knows what his decision will be. I know one thing though he has great parents to help him with his decision. He’s also got a very good and supportive coach to lean on.

My gut says he will return to school. I agree with Dud.

I hope you’re right…I love the kids from FSM.

Been saying my gut tells me he comes back. He and his family won’t be easily swayed.

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I want Joe to do what he thinks is best for him. I want him to give one more year to the program. That said I firmly believe that Coach Muss has put the program in a position to cover their loss with a minimum of impact. Man has to do what he has to do

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