I hope we send several of the ‘super seniors’ to the portal

We need some players

I, for one, am grateful for anyone who is willing to go through the physical brutality for another year to help my team and dont take their work and sacrifice lightly…


No doubt, but we need better players if the football Hogs are going to compete in the SEC

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I agree to a point. It does not mean they are meant to play at the SEC level and thus can play winning football for us.
I just want to see more players given game time opportunities to see if they can actually play. Look what happened when McAdoo was given a shot. We all wish he had been there sooner.
We have secondary guys that were given no chance to play while some “hard workers” were helping us lose games.
I do appreciate the spirit of your post.

And that’s fine. But the next time we have someone leave and we don’t like it, let’s not scream about lack of loyalty.

Now if we put someone out there who is young and doesn’t know the system or plays and they cost us a game wouldn’t you be screaming at the coaches?

These guys get fired for wins and losses. This isn’t high school. Coaches have to play the guys that know the system can make the plays.

Mcadoo played once he knew system

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