I hope this is our breakout performance

There is no doubt they are better than us on paper just like we were better than them last year when we played them we were in first place they were in last!! They came back from a 5-0 deficit in won game 1 and that inspired them to go ahead and sweep us and it propelled them to be the team they eventually became all the way to the world series and have continued to get even better this year. So I hope we have that kind of performance this weekend against them and we can look back and say from that point on we never looked back!

Miss St only scored 5 runs last night. They could be beaded for a rough stretch. I don’t think they are better than the hogs on offense but on the mound they seem to be better. Just like last week the hogs need to win game 1 of this series.
The hogs need to play solid defense! I just hope we can cut out the dang walks our pitchers have been giving up!
I’m looking forward to tomorrow night.

they actually have a team batting average of 327 army we at 299 and they hit three more home runs and struck out a whole lot less and we have they are an elite offensive team I think we have yet to break out that’s why I hope we do this weekend. If we hit the ball the way we did Sunday against Vandy nobody will hardly beat us. I’m hoping last yr sweep is on our minds and we are out for revenge