I hope the tired old narrative

That we can’t win on the road is being put to rest. We’ve won four of our last six SEC roadies. Yeah, we got crunched in the second half at Lexington. That’s going to happen a lot. But we’ve beaten two Pomeroy Top 60 teams on the road in Tennessee and A&M.

By the way, don’t look now, but if we beat LSU and Moo U loses at Tennessee Saturday, which could happen, we’d be ahead of the Dawgs in the standings.

I think the new narrative in the SEC, is why can’t anyone win at home?

Not sure I want MSU to lose.

Why? To get them into the top 100? I think they’ll get there quickly unless they implode or those freshmen go back to playing like freshmen. Otherwise conference games are a wash on our RPI. One wins, one loses regardless, and we played both.

It’s tough to say. RPI aside, you never know if we are on the bubble what the committee will lean towards. On one hand, Tennessee has a chance to finish as a top 50 RPI team, they are 65 right now. So, having a win against them on their home court looks good, and getting top 50 RPI road wins are tough to do. On the other hand, Mississippi State is our worst loss right now, if that holds true until the end of year we’d definitely want their RPI to look as good as possible and avoid the perception that it’s a bad loss.

Yep. Tennessee could be top 50. Moo U could be outside the top 100. In a perfect world for us, Tennessee makes the top 50 and Moo U makes the top 100. (Also in a perfect world, we run the table and finish 27-4, but I’m not ready to make an Aaron Rodgers-style prediction). Any road win looks good, which is why they’re weighted approximately 1.4 on RPI (as are home losses to Moo U and Florida).