I hope someone pushes Coach Morris

on the subject of not traveling with his football team.

It is not a good look for him to spend Friday nights watching his son play in another state, then going on to blow a road game in which coaching was a big pivot point in the game.

This has been discussed.

It’s not a big deal at all.

He’s a coach, but more importantly he’s a dad. It’s a free chance to recruit also, top prospects in Texas.

You need to let this one go because it’s a giant nothing burger.

Horse feathers.

It is HUGE.

As a coach, you travel for the first time…once. He blew it. You get to set the tone when you travel one time, the first time. You spent it watching your kiddo. You’ll see him in three weeks, the night before the A&M game.

Here’s a thought: transfer your son to one of the many HS you will recruit in NWA. Let him be a QB there. Then, you can see him 6-8 times a year.

You are following a coach who had an eye on details AND STILL couldn’t manage details. Do not overlook anything the first year.

Horrible mistake by Coach.

What would he have accomplished extra if he’d been in Fort Collins at 5 p.m. Friday instead of 11 p.m.?


Huge nothingburger by people who just want something to criticize about. What happened Saturday night offers plenty of ammo, folks. You don’t have to look for anything else to rip him about.

“You’ll see him in three weeks, the night before the A&M game.”

I’m not sure it’s “huge” or “horrible”, but it’s certainly bigger than a “nothing burger”. And, you are spot on about the 3 weeks until the A&M game. College head football coaches know what is expected of them when they are offered 3MM+ annual salaries. They are expected to win big and expected to put in whatever time necessary to accomplish that. They know they are giving up some quality family time, ESPECIALLY during fall practice and the 13 weeks during the season. And your point about the timing of this being his new team’s first away game is spot on. Here’s hoping he doesn’t fly to Auburn, AL via Dallas Ft Worth airport.

edit: Also, he will have another Friday night on our off-week when can see his son play while recruiting.

I hope he continues to go watch his son.

I know how much it meant to me when my dad came to watch me.

He has a staff and an associate head coach for a reason. If they can’t handle what is equivalent to a babysitting 6 hour period, then he shouldn’t have assistants. There’s very little a coach needs or has to do with the team during that time. It’s the assistants job.

None of my several friends on the team have any problem with it, in fact they all said if it were them they’d go watch their son too, and hope their dad would come if it was that scenario.

He should be with his son. That is what dad’s do. My dad NEVER missed a football or basketball game of mine even though he hated sports and I typically sat on the bench. He was a great dad. As is Coach Morris.

The hay is in the barn by Friday afternoon.

There is plenty to fuss about in his coaching last week. But watching his son is where he should be.

It was stated on TV that he did not miss a single team activity during his trip to Texas. So what exactly did he need to be with the team for? To tuck them all in and give them a kiss on the forehead?

As another poster pointed out, if his son was playing in Fayetteville, that wouldn’t be a problem. I can’t think of another head coach (or assistant) who’s son was a Junior in high school, that didn’t bring his son with him to his new job. I’m sure there may be some, but they would be very few. Now, if Morris is divorced and his son is living with his ex, that’s a different story.

Wrong side of this “issue”. :lol:

He has assistant coaches to hold the players hand when he wants to watch his son. It would be different if he had a coaching routine that including some sort of team meeting the night before, but with a night kickoff, I have no problem with him going to Dallas first. With Auburn, it is another night kickoff, but it is also his first SEC game and I would be surprised if he goes to Dallas before heading south.

LoL. As nothing to do with what goes on on Saturday night like I said in the earlier thread he gets to see his son and also recruit at the same time it’s a win-win


Seems like most of you don’t know much about leadership.

Tells me a lot about your support for a coach, as well.

I think this is a non-issue and one that didn’t lose the game in Ft. Collins. I would be more concerned about our players jawing with the CSU fans than this crap.

I see that most don’t think it’s a big deal, but I don’t think the optics are good and I think when your a new HC in rebuilding mode you spend more time with the team than you otherwise would if things were rolling, the culture established, etc. this is the first time this team has traveled and I think he should have been there to set the tone, observe attitude, etc. I want a coach that demands attention to detail and part of they way you build accountability is to observe the little things as well as the big things.

If the losses begin to mount it’s something his detractors will latch on to.

I say all of this as someone who liked this hire ( preferred Norvell of realistic options but also liked Chad) and wants to see him succeed.

It has been my experience that most head coaches spend Friday nights at high school games. Chad Morris did this while he was at SMU, too; tried to hit five or six games each Friday night across the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area via helicopter.

I saw Bret Bielema at a lot of games. I’ve seen a number of opposing head coaches on the sidelines here the night before their games in Fayetteville, including Gus Malzahn last year and in 2015.

So is the issue him being at a game? Or being at his son’s game?

Good post, Matt. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing to this …just posts by haters/dummies.

As I understand they attend games, but travel with the team. For example, fly to Auburn with team, participate in walk through, early meal and then attend a game at a nearby HS.

Per the itinerary they showed on the broadcast the team left in the afternoon without Morris and he did not get there until almost midnight local time.

Again, this was their first road game in his tenure and I believe he should have been on the team charter, participated in the walkthrough, etc. The official Razorback football twitter account tweeted out “business trip” with pics of the players on the charter in cost and tie, but the CEO was not there for th first day of the trip.

I don’t care what anybody says… I personally don’t like it and think when you have a poor result against a bad team everything is open for scrutiny/questioning.

Matt, I’d encourage you to check in with peers and find examples of other HCs that don’t travel with their teams to road games. I can assure you it is not the norm even for HCs with sons playing HS football.

Did Chad hit 5 or 6 High schools in DFW on the Friday night before SMU home games and road games or only home games? Also, in the example you cited about Malzahn and other coaches being at Fayetteville games that makes sense - they traveled with their teams which is what HCs do. What Chad is doing is NOT the norm.

One more thing - I’ve heard some say the hay is in the barn and he’s not needed for hand holding, etc. I happen to think there is more than hand holding going on the night before a game. I’d ask that you request the U of A AD provide you with an itinerary for a football “business trip” to see what happens on the night before a game. What activities are taking place without the HC present? First of all I think it would be interesting and secondly I believe it will confirm there are game prep activities taking place and not just “free time.”