I hope Reggie Chaney is the answer at the 4

I know Reginald Perry would have been (dirty deal).

Keaton Miles, Arlando Cook, Dustin Thomas and Adrio Bailey - woof (although I do think Bailey will be a decent role player at some point). The only good PF we recruited under CMA was Coty Clarke. I wish Brachen Hazen would have stuck around because he was supposed to be a decent spot up shooter. All the other guys I mentioned couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat.


Wishful thinking Navy. It’s all on Coach A’s shoulders right now and we have a new AD watching.

i think he will be a huge improvement at the 4 spot. also the 6’7" swing man, phillips i think, if we go small kid can shoot, handle the ball, rebound … in fact i think he plays some point. what a luxury.

the other two guards can supposedly fill it up. I’ve seen the kid from northside play, pure stroke, can handle the ball. the other kid from texas can supposedly shoot also but is coming off an injury i think. don’t know much about the point guard transfer, but a true point is on the way in hill. can’t get here soon enough. henderson, well ive seen him play a couple of times and he needs to ramp up his game. but he can be a defensive presence from day one, just needs some intensity.

next years team will be young but in my humble opinion better rounded true basketball players they got skills, can shoot and score with more proficiency, will just need some seasoning.

I have big worries about next years team. Losing a lot and getting a lot of young guys. I think the success or how much success will be based on what key personnel return with those young guys.

The kids coming in next season are for the most part better “overall” basketball players and higher ranked coming out of high school than the six leaving.

Chaney -Thomas
Henderson- Thompson

Now if you lose Gafford, you obviously don’t have anyone that comes close.

There are also more “dogs” in that group.

Barford and Macon worked hard to improve themselves in juco and are solid SEC guards despite what I read on this board.

Thats good stuff to hear. We need ‘dogs’ for sure. Gafford will be huge for this bunch. We do need to get mentally taller. Dogs help that. I really like the class a lot. Just worry about so much youth. They have game.

The Hogs haven’t had a real scoring threat at the 4 since Alandise Harris, which seems like forever ago. Did a little looking around and found this:

In 2015-16, 12.6 percent of the team’s scoring came from the power forward position. That ranked 348th nationally.
In 2016-17, Arkansas got 13.4 percent of its points from the 4 - 347th nationally.
And this season it’s the same deal. Just 13.4 percent of the offense has come from the PF spot, ranking 339th nationally.

Arkansas hasn’t ranked inside the top 100 in scoring at 4 since 2013 when it had Marshawn Powell and Coty Clarke on the roster.

I agree with you on Macon and Bardford being good guards but neither one of them are a true point guard. We will be stronger at the point guard position next year. That’s my opinion. In any game some is going to get beat. Even in a loss it’s nice to see your team come out and play hard and this team fails to show up and play hard!
The new players coming in will have to make an impact with the 6 seniors moving on and I’m looking froward to it. This year isn’t over yet !
True hog fans haven’t seen an incoming class this talented in years.