I hope our own fans

Aren’t trying to sabotage the Hoops program Iike they did Hog Football in 2006-2007.

It didn’t work out in football, and it probably wouldn’t end well in basketball.

Fans should be fans and let Athletic Administrators do their jobs.

Agree Southpaw. I watched up close and personal (here in Tennessee) what the Vol fans did when Jones was fired. Pitiful…

Lot of people hiding behind keyboards saying that’s what they’re gonna do. Hopefully, some intelligent Hog fans smack some sense into them (and yes I’m inciting violence).

People complain about the program and not liking where it’s at, but can’t figure out why our homegrown super talent ain’t coming here. Not only does our staff have to deal with pay to play, but supposed AR fans are telling them not to come here. C’mon.

In their own way they are. Telling players not to come here or don’t commit because Anderson will be fired. I’ve even seen fans(probably trolls with fake accounts) bash the state in many ways from lack of major big cities to it’s a racist dump. Thankfully, I think most kids are smart enough to cut through most of the bull, but still.

Agreed! We are a small state and need to stick together. Would hate to see any “hog fan” in Providence with a negative sign, or act like an idiot in other ways.


True Hog fans should want the Hogs to win no matter the coach is.

What are you referencing? Our attendance was pretty salty given our record IMO

You are right, but you might as well try to control the flight of a hummingbird. Every fan base has strong passion for their team (which can be used to support or turn on the program). Bama, for the first time in the ESPN Top 300 history, had all 25 of their football recruits ranked in the 300. But their boards went into a meltdown mode because they lost a committed Five Star (to I believe Florida) and Georgia had the gall to get a recruiting class ranked somewhat close to them. Passion is and will always be a two-sided sword and controlling it is impossible.

But if you think the coach shouldn’t be here, how can you root for the Hogs to win? Because if they win, does it not work against what you want to happen? That is the problem. I can see why they would root against the Hogs.

The root of the problem in my opinion is this preoccupation of who the coach is. And once you decide you don’t want a particular coach, how do you enjoy and feel the pride when Hogs win? For example, they used to say about 10 to 15% never wanted Nolan here. Did this group of people really enjoy winning the national championship? How can you?

This is a bit over simplified

It would apply if someone has a personal dislike of a coach.

But some of us don’t feel the coach should be retained because we do hate losing so much. And it takes a long tome to reach the point where you want the coach gone. You keep wanting to win and eventually you realize it’s not happening with the guy in charge. Now at that point, you want a coaching change, but you never want to lose.

I would love nothing better than for current coach to win big time. Absolute love it. And I never, ever want us to lose. I will keep rooting and screaming and losing my mind every time we play, hoping for the win.

My love for the Hogs will always be greater than any feeling I have for the coach.

It’s one thing to want the coach to be fired.

It’s another to reach out to recruits in an effort to help him fail.

There are several anti hog folks living here in N.E. Ark who love putting us down. This is just giving them an opportunity to get on Twitter and act like fans. Believe me, they aren’t and never will be.

I so glad you made this post as I feel your spot on with your post, I know I don’t have any ill will towards the fans that supports our coach. The difference in us and the fans supporting MA is expectations plain and simple and nothing more as far as I’m concerned. WPS

I disagree with this, I’m one of the few people on here (probably the only one) that has said I don’t like Mike the man, but I’m giving him full support as the coach and arguing with many of you. Now, those of us that are “supporting” Mike have all said we think we can be better and should be better. My personal opinion is I want us to be Nationally relevant (in the NC conversation every year, in ALL sports), but at the same time I understand where the program was before Mike and where it is now. Would I like it to be better? Yes, but it’s those that are saying they don’t think Mike is the right guy that are openly cheering against the Hogs to just get rid if him. If you’re in that group, you may want to distance yourself from the idiots.

My feelings is I want to see us beat Providence, and I’d love to see us win the NIT. I’m sure you and the majority of this board would celebrate that, but there are fans on here that would bash the coach and try to downgrade the winning.

We have guys talking about we are doomed in the spring recruiting because we can only sign rejects or JUCO’s. Barford & Macon were JUCO’s, so was Cook and Jones. I can’t say we’re doomed because some of the guys Mike is recruiting for this Spring are actually upgrades for us. But you’ve got people on here (WholeHog) that are already trashing them and saying they’re horrible and won’t help and we will be worse next year. Do you really believe that helps the Razorbacks in any way?

I just have this feeling even for myself that once I decide I want a new coach, I want it done and any win will prolong that. Just human psychology. I am not blaming anyone feeling that way. It is just natural. I admit I will succumb to that as well.

Docestes…this is spot-on. There are several fervent posters here who confuse fans’ desire to win with a desire to get rid of Mike. That’s totally not the case with (I believe) 99% of our fans. We’ve been pulling for Mike to win for EIGHT YEARS. I’ll pull for him to win as long as he’s our coach. The problem is, we’ve seen a lot of evidence that we’re short on fundamentals and talent - and I know there are extenuating circumstances on recruits that didn’t pan out, switched at the last minute, etc. etc. etc. At some point, you have to remind yourself that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is…well, we know what that is. Mike is a fine man - and a great example for young men to learn from. I’m proud of how he’s represented our program and our school…but we should have more success than we’re seeing. Period.

Colorado, here is the issue. A “true” fan cheers for the Hogs. I never liked Bret and didn’t think he would be a good fit, but I cheered every single game for our kids to win and Bret to prove me wrong. That’s what a “true” fan does. Some of the ones on here, that you’re agreeing with and saying we don’t understand are actually saying, “We hope AR loses so we Fire Mike.” That’s not me making stuff up, that’s literally what people are saying. To me, people saying that ARE NOT fans.

The argument I’m having on another thread is based off a post last night, in which someone claiming to be a fan, says he is going to the game in Providence, dressed in AR gear, with a sign saying Fire Mike. Do you really, honestly think that he is ok doing that? To me, that IS NOT a fan.

Now, many of the supposed “Mike Lovers” on here have said they aren’t satisfied or disappointed where we are in Year 8, but they also say they know it can be worse. But the ones being labeled as “Mike Haters” are saying we are no better off than we were 8 years ago. Do you really not remember how bad we were when Pel left, and I’m not just talking about the record.

This isn’t me trying to be rude or say that fans shouldn’t be upset, but rooting against the team, or hoping to be on TV to embarrass the coach to get him fired, to me is waaaaay over the line of just being upset with where the program is.

Once again I root for the Hogs not the coach and will no matter who the coach may be just like you. But you know as well as I do when someone mentions a change the first thing you read is look at his body of work, I know what his body of work is and I also know what the likelihood of that changing after 17 years as a head coach, which is not much. I’ve never said MA was a bad coach not one time, I have said he’s has reached a plateau and I don’t mean this year I’m talking about his 8 years. I understand what MA inherited when he came here and where we are now, but my question to that is how long do you reward him for getting that accomplished. I hate even having this conversation because I wanted to see him get us back to the top the same as many did, but I’ve lost faith in him doing so I’m sad to say. On your statement about fans trashing future recruits and saying their horrible, that’s coming from fans that dislike Mike, what I don’t understand is the biggest supporters suppossingly of Mike are saying the very same thing about our current players during every game on this forum ! That surely is not helping the recruiting either.If the AD decides to continue down the road with MA I’ll continue to support the Hogs as I always have and have hope that things improve. We have a very interesting game coming that may have me as anxious to see as any this game this year, not often you get to play a game the day after a potential draft pick leaves your team. WPS

I do not disagree about bashing current players. I think it’s wrong, I try not to do it, but posting during a game and sometimes immediately following one probably isn’t the best way not to. I’ve also said I apologize for that. So have some others.

Now, how long does it take, I know people get mad when I say this, but Eddie showed up in 75. From 1990-1996 the program is where I wanted it to be. 75-90 is 15 years and two HOF coaches. When Mike was hired that’s what I expected and even said it at the time. I also said our fan base would turn on him and he probably wouldn’t get to 10. I was told I was stupid and shouldn’t post people would give him as long as it takes. Was I right?

I think the only difference between our opinions is that you think he can get us back to those years and I do not. I’ve been wrong and had to eat 40lb of crow and I very well could be wrong about MA and that would please me if I was. My last question is what have you seen in Mikes 17 years of coaching that leads you to believe he will raise us to the level of play of the years you mentioned. Eddie won 79% of conference games and Mike has won 54% , if Mike was winning 79% there would be no talk of letting him go. As far as giving him as long as it takes, that does not happen these days at any job. Also as far as verbally abusing players everyone has said things they wish they could take back including myself but the guys that do it every game is detrimental to the program. Enjoyed the conversation, tomorrow starts a new day in Hog basketball. WPS