I hope LSU gets the

Brakes beat off of them tonight!

The Big Ten has looked awfully pedestrian so far. It had four No. 1 or 2 seeds, and Michigan is the only one of the four left.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see LSU win. I think it should be a good game.

So far the Corndogs are making an SAO to get to the Sweet 16. Michigan hasn’t led since it was 2-0.

LSU kept taking bad shots (which is their MO) and Michigan came back to take a 1-point halftime lead. Cam Thomas has 19 points.

I’m not an LSU fan, but I think these refs are highly biased towards Michigan—highly!!

If I was a ref in a game coached by SAO Wade, I wouldn’t give him any calls.


What does “SAO” mean?

Michigan has 6 fouls and LSU has 3 with 13:20 left in the second half.

Strong A.s.s. Offer … It’s what Wade does.

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Wade should have made SAO’s to some players that wanted to play DEFENS !!!

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