I hope Gus doesn’t think he can come here and coast...

I don’t really like Gus’s system and philosophy and would rather have other coaches. His offense sometimes looks just awful, as it did yesterday. Don’t care for some of Gus’s antics either. However, he would be an OK hire and I will support him. That said, as Bill Vickery points out, I hope Gus is not thinking he can come in here and just win 7 or 8 games a year and we will all be fine with it. And I hope the UA hiring folks have made that clear and received assurances from Gus. Arkansas fans — me included — are just as crazy as Auburn fans. Especially at $7MM plus a year. Gus cannot be allowed to come “home” to be mediocre and coast. We’ve had enough of that, and have had enough of overpaid coaches not producing. I’m a little concerned Gus’s edge will be gone if he comes to Fayetteville.

Gus is one of the most intense coaches I’ve observed and those around him say he is obsessed on winning a championship. I don’t think there is anything about his nature that says he’ll “coast,” wherever he may be.

Nothing about Gus’s offensive is terrible either.

When it’s clicking, it is a beautiful thing. Of course when you have a Heisman level bell cow go down, you aren’t going to do as well. But his offense never looks terrible. He’s one of the brilliant offensive minds in the game.

I completely agree. Harder to win at Arkansas and he knows it.

He would push program to improve in all areas.

His offense has looked terrible many, many times, especially when he had bad QB play. You’ve been watching him too much against Bielema. My offense would look like a “beautiful thing” against Bielema’s defense.

He also will be able to walk in and see immediately what players have what it takes and which don’t. I would expect many that are suggested to transfer. Bret recruited for a big ten team, and that’s why we are here. We need someone who can immediately identify the SEC level guys, and the ones that aren’t. I predict a large, large amount of Juco guys coming this year.

If we are smarts we head down to oxford and recruit some guys as well, with that free transfer no wait a year deal.

I believe that about him - and he’s demonstrated it almost everywhere he’s coached. If he gets the chance to bring that intensity to Arkansas we’ll see if he can accomplish what has not happened since he left the OC position in '06.

Our offense was better the year after he left (David Lee was OC). Look it up. Lee did it with an injured Marcus Monk.

I don’t expect a lot of transfers at the offensive skill positions no matter who the new coach is, the talent there is not lacking. There were already a couple of guys who were going to leave anyway, and that will probably still be the case. The JC guys are more likely to be lineman and on defense.

You also can’t run a bunch of guys off the first year just to bring in JC guys if you really want to build the roster. You need more than film to evaluate most players you inherit, and you need to have a staff in place to do a full year’s recruiting to get guys who are truly your guys, and not just the bodies to rotate the roster. Better to do the roster re-shaping after spring ball and the first season, when you really know who can/can’t play for you, and after you get a full year of recruiting.

The fan base will have to deal with Gus if he takes 7 years and 50 million! Man this has to be the most ignorant decision ever made. You can’t buy a championship. I guess assistants pay will stink