I hope Chris Moore enjoys his first SEC tournament

From his dorm room! And this was only the self imposed year. The NCAA is yet to weigh in. Next year’s SECT may have an even smaller field.

Let Chris rest and watch with Coach Pearl.

Maybe Chris can transfer back to where he belonged when Auburn goes on probation. It’s just a matter of time. Pearl is a 2 time loser. Auburn will be his last Power 5 job.

I’m not sure there would be a place for Chris at Arkansas. Great high school player, but undersized at Forward and lacking perimeter skills. I don’t think there is any doubt that Muss landed the top 4 instate players in last year’s class. Chris may need to play at a mid-major to get significant minutes.

I was thinking the other day where would Chris fit on this team. I just don’t seem him playing over anyone on our team right now.

Like Eagle said, he’s undersized and doesn’t have great handles.

I do wonder what kind of player Muss and his staff could have turned him in to.

He’s a little less springy but stronger and more skilled than Adrio Bailey. Might have brought some energy off the bench and been a nice piece when we wanted to go small.

While it’s nice to see Auburn go through their self imposed post season ban this is only the start of problems for the Tigers! Pearl is waiting on his show cause that eventually get served!
The post season ban should continue for at least a couple of more years.
There’s no reason to be bitter toward Chris Moore. It’s all worked out fine for him and our hogs. It would have been nice for him to be a hog. He has ability or CEM wouldn’t have offered him. None of us know how CEM would have used him. We watched Adrio Bailey made huge strides and improve under CEM and his staff. The same could have be expected if Chris Moore would have choose the hogs.

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