I honestly can't believe

That this JWill, will he or won’t he, hasn’t been resolved by now. Big Oscar said all the right things when he announced he was coming back to KY. JWill needs to do the same thing. Jaylin is not a lottery pick right now, but he could be next year…with a National Championship ring and the lifetime adoration of an entire state…not to mention the incredible NIL numbers I am hearing for him.

What is there to think about at this point? I just hope he and his family have GOOD people in their ear, and that they don’t make the same mistakes that Isaiah and Daniel did…they cost themselves millions by leaving early.

Surely Jaylin won’t make the same mistake, because he damn sure doesn’t have to. One more year as a Hog could set him up for life…no matter what he does in the NBA.


Has JWill completed his NBA review? I am not expecting anything from JWill until his NBA evaluations, interviews, etc…are complete. No rush in my book.
UA…Campus of Champions

There’s a decent chance J Will has a long NBA career in front of him.

There’s a decent chance Oscar doesn’t.

Not sure the comparisons are apples to apples.

If J Will announces he’s returning today, tomorrow, or at the very last second of the deadline, it doesn’t change anything regarding the makeup of next year’s team. Just because we might not know what he will do until he announces, doesn’t mean Coach is in the dark.

If he does decide to stay in the draft, no way any of us can say it was a “bad decision” until some time later. My guess is, he will make a good decision regarding the NBA, regardless of when he decides to go.

Do I want him to return for another year? You bet!!! I’d like him to post on social media today that he’s coming back to hang a second banner in BWA. But this situation isn’t about me…… it’s about him. Whatever he decides, I’ll always be a huge J Will fan.

The early entry deadline just passed. It was Sunday. The combine runs from May 16-22. It seems like it’s taking him a long time to make a decision/go through the process, but it’s because he declared earlier than a lot of guys.

Scottie, I’ve been seeing conflicting reports. Can JWill not go through the entire process, including the draft, and then return to school?

Didn’t that change last year and allows the kids to do that now? If so, I’d go through the whole process just to see how it works, then next year I would know what to expect.

Don’t think so, Baked. If he’s not out of the draft on or before June 1, his NCAA eligibility is over. NBA has its own set of rules, but NCAA won’t let him return to college if he’s still in the draft on June 2.

Kind of a side note: I could be wrong, but I believe Jaylin could do what Isaiah Joe did – announce a return ahead of the June 1 deadline then declare for the draft again prior to June 13 – if he wanted.

This is from the NCAA website:

College basketball players who request an Undergraduate Advisory Committee evaluation, participate in the NBA combine and aren’t drafted can return to school as long as they notify their athletics director of their intent by 5 p.m. the Monday after the draft.

Ok I wasn’t able to uncover that. Gives him another option, adds to our anxiety if he takes that path…

I thought I had heard that, that’s why I thought he would go through the whole process, but I’m afraid if he does go to the draft, he will get drafted in the 2nd round which will keep us from getting him back

I have not seen a mock draft that has him in the first round. If the rumors of a large NIL deal are true I suspect we will see him back.

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The NBA minimum salary for 2022-23 will be just over $1 million. From what I’m hearing, Oscar will make more than that to stay at UK. And JWill might make that to stay here.

And that’s if he makes an NBA roster, which is not guaranteed, especially for a second-round pick. If he winds up in the G League he won’t make anywhere near $1 million. A two-way contract is half of the NBA minimum, at best.

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The average G-league salary is 37K.

Obviously JW has an opportunity to make quite a bit more than that in NIL.

In the NBA, I rookie contracts are guaranteed for 2 years for all first round picks. That would be about 3 million total guaranteed. If you are not a 1st round pick then nothing is guaranteed.

Basically, if feel confident you will be first round pick then you should go–if not then you should stay.

My guess is JW will get a 2nd round grade and decide to stay.

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Which is why I still believe Isaiah made a poor choice leaving when he did. One more year with Muss could have put him in the first round.

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I assume that means, if they are the last player selected in the 2nd round, they no longer have the option to return to college? Does every drafted player in the 2nd round get at least a 2-way contract? If not, can a player drafted in the 2nd round actually end up getting cut and end up with nothing? If so, that’s a pretty risky route to take.

That’s exactly what can happen, Larry.

I think a player who was worth a draft pick in a 2-round draft is gonna get at least a 2-way contract, and he gets to keep whatever signing bonus he received. But yeah, the risk is there of finding yourself unemployed.

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I sure would like to see JWill back, but I can certainly appreciate him taking his time and not make a knee jerk decision and have regrets later. A less mature player would have made a rash decision that has been a downfall for many a young man. WPS

If I were him I would definitely participate in the combine before announcing my decision either way. I honestly don’t see any reason not to. Unless someone wants to pay him about 3 mil to specifically remove his name from the draft before the combine. I doubt that’s happening. Any potential NIL contracts or million dollar handshakes being offered to him will still be there between May 22 and June 1.

There are other considerations we don’t think of. If he’s not selected, which helps his status for the following year: coming back to play another college season with 4 other bigs, or playing long seasons with pro coaches and players with regular contact with NBA officials. Is life more desirable playing nothing but basketball in the G-league or going to class every day? And what about the possibility of a career-ending injury? Just saying - it’s not all about this year’s draft vs next year’s draft.

I think it’s safe to say it’s pretty good to be Jaylin Williams on The Hill right now. College is fun. His next step is a job.