I heard the story behind the Justice Hill story.

Coach told him in front of everyone that he was only going to play 9. And Justice basically wasnt going to be in the main rotation. I think Coach has ruffled a few feathers in the state. Not in bedt interest with all the upcoming talent coming up.

Getting rid of the dead weight. None of the potential guys in subsequent AR classes care that a guy who never belonged there in the first place was shown the door.

Yeah, me neither.

You dont have to believe me. I dont post much. When I post something its facts coming from someone close to the situation. You guys will see, I’m not going to go into exact details. But it’s not a good look , and some involved in the situation feel they were lied to. And you guys are silly if you think that some of the , upcoming AR recruits arent paying attention. Recruiting is all about relationships.

So what your really saying is you heard from someone who knows someone… wait ahhh isn’t classified as hearsay.

So how about a few facts:

  • Hill entered the portal… FACT
  • Mussleman is still the coach… FACT
  • He will field a team… FACT
  • He will either win or lose… FACT
  • His job will ultimately be dictated by his performance… FACT

Anything else doesn’t really make a hill of beans. He will either succeed or fail. He is the captain of the ship. Anything else is just
a waste of time and energy and only serves to stir up a pot of discontent which does not help the Razorbacks.

For me it damn simple, its his job, his choices. All I care about is can he take the Razorbacks back to national respectability or not?
I don’t care if he runs off the second coming of Michael Jordan if he can get us back to a consistant player on the national scene.
As a good friend of mine is fond of saying… theres more than one way to skin a cat.

WPS Razorbacks!!!

Votan all that sounds good. But yes you would care if he ran off the second coming of Micheal Jordan. You forget we are at Arkansas, not like we get the pick of the liter every year. You and alot of us on here, will be upset if we start losing top talent in Arkansas. I’m not saying we will, nor am I saying Justice would have been the answer but, we cant afford to burn relationships to key people in Arkansas basketball community. I will watch gladly at our Hogs next year, but we need to win and soon. If we dont produce on court, then those relationships are going to be key in getting upcoming talent.

I have no sources but I do know a few people around Fitz Hill. He is a good man. I wouldn’t expect him to hold grudges against the university. But I think Dilibe is right. Hill was close to Hawks AAU Coach Bill Ingram as well as others around Arkansas high school basketball. Burning bridges there will likely cost Muss some Arkansas talent. I don’t think Muss gets the state. It’s a small state and not the NBA. How you treat people matters,.waiting until this point to let Justice go basically screwed him for the upcoming year. This move could set Muss back with instate recruiting…we will see if he can get that talent elsewhere

I understand Arkansas very well. I’ve been here for more than 50 years… raised here, worked here, matriculated here (UofA of course), ran a business here for years. I have a very good understanding of how Arkansas works. That being said, I stand by my statement, I don’t give a damn if he runs off the second coming of Michael Jordan or not, provided he can make us nationally relevant again. PERIOD! I don’t care what horses he rides, just what order he crosses the finish line.

If you told me he’d keep us in the sweet 16 or better every single year but the catch was there would never be a single Arkansas boy on the team, then I’d say “so be it”. Would I prefer that not be the case… ABSOLUTELY!! I like to see our Arkansas boys do well, but the bottom line is if Coach Muss wins, I don’t care if he uses ponies, mules, jacks, jennies, quarter horses or thoroughbreds.

Mike Anderson is a good man with a good reputation

He also often didn’t get the best player in the state and now coaches in New York.

Who cares if feelings are hurt?

Just. Win.

In recruiting that attitude could very easily cost you on your next sentence.

As for Justice, good luck to him.

I’m with Dilibe on this one. A great example of burning bridges in the state is Jeff Long. He went out of his way to get rid of most associated with JFB. I’m all in with Muss but this is a bad look. Very bad. But winning and losing will be the bottom line.

Agree, if Muss wins, this will be an afterthought. If he loses, this will be a blunder of EPIC proportions

Edit: And I’m not a Hill fan. Never thought he would be what many on here expected. Hope the kid succeeds at whatever he decides, and if it’s basketball, I hope I’m wrong

What if it is just as simple as he wasn’t one of the best nine players in workouts so far and it was obvious to everyone. Just asking.

Im 1800 miles away in Ca and have absolutely no inside info. Here’s a question I have for those closer to the situation. Muss comes in like 90 says ago, see’s what he has through very limited practice, pickup games etc and has to make very quick moves to get HIS team going the way he wants it to go. Supposedly he tells the team he runs a short rotation (did the same at UNR) and supposedly tells Hill he doesn’t believe he’ll be part of or start out in the 9 man rotation.

Why is he burning Arkansas BB connections for this? It seems to be pretty honest and up front if true. Is it…

  1. He’s not giving him a scolly?
  2. Or did he suggest he look elsewhere?
  3. He didn’t honor what the previous staff might have promised?

Wow as I was typing we pretty much said the same thing

Dilibe357 and LDHog I responed below to another question would love to understand from 1800 miles away why this is a bad look?

It’s plausible that Muss did tell the whole team he was only going to have nine guys in the main rotation. That’s hardly a surprise given his substitution patterns at Nevada and other stops.

He also has been out there watching/coaching drills for a month with all the returnees and the new guys who are already on campus. Justice went through all those drills, from all reports. Those drills were one long evaluation period. I don’t see why some people think Justice lied about not being on the team or contemplating a transfer a month ago. He was a part of the team during that evaluation period, and by all accounts participated fully. I don’t recall anything being mentioned anywhere about any of the players who went through those drills (or their friends/family) claiming Muss was not treating the players equally during that evaluation period. Everybody got a chance to show what they could do.

By the time it was over you would have to think that Muss (and the players) had a good idea who the top nine were going to be. I don’t know if he listed the top nine in front of the team, told the players individually where each stood, or the players just figured it out based on the rotations in the drills. It really doesn’t matter how Justice got the message.

I think it’s better to be honest with players about where they stand as early as possible. If Muss did not think Justice was going to be in the rotation after evaluating him in-person for a month or more, it’s better for the player and the team to let him know now.

So I don’t think the Hill family misled anyone in the recent past, I don’t think Muss treated Justice unfairly, and I don’t think that there was anything about the roster transition that is going to hurt Muss’s in-state recruiting over the long haul.

Votan, if you know Arkansas history. Then you know that our most successful teams, have been littered with stars from Arkansas.

So the perception is that if you are Arkansas homegrown, that you grew up wanting to be a Hog. But that is fading fast due to lack of success, coaching changes and a state that is becoming more divided.

Stephen’s was one of the UOf A’s biggest supporters. Not saying that UALR is on our level but they have Stephen’s support. So if I am a 4 or 5 star kid and I can go anywhere, the lure to Arkansas is not as strong as it once was. So again relationships to the AAU coaches, high school coaches and parents are paramount. You dont have to wait for the problem to overcome you to know the solution.

So until Arkansas can go in Texas, Louisianna and other places and hand pick players . We need to keep the good ones in state.

I’m going to comment on your comment. More rumors that have been here since Muss’ first practice:

When he first arrived both Joe and Sills had issues. It was more with Muss’ coaching style than Muss’ coaching philosophy. CMA seemed to be a “players coach”, and Muss by all accounts isn’t. Chaney was actually the one holding the team together (despite McPherson’s claim he was the one transferring no matter what)

At this same time there was speculation and I mentioned it on here, that Justice’s scholarship deal was between Mike and the Hill’s, not Muss and the Hill’s. A lot of individuals argued, but there are some individuals on here that are close to the Hill family, that at that time, said the both Fitz and Bill Ingram went from singing Muss’ praises to “no comments” around those close to them. - Dudley said Fitz didn’t say anything to him to indicate Justice wouldn’t be offered the scholarship, or at least they weren’t aware at the time.

Also, some of the first posts (pics, videos) of the team practicing with Muss started showing up. At the same time Justice was posting to Twitter from Florida. So, he wasn’t actually practicing with the team (at least early on).

Now, about two weeks into Muss’ practices, I was told Joe was now solidly on board, and Sills was still 50/50 (been told he’s solid now). Was also told that both Ingram and Dr. Hill were upset.

Then around the time Ibby left, another “insider” on another site started saying at least three more guys would leave out, and three more would come in (several others, including McPherson started echoing that sentiment). The three names that kept being mentioned were Khalil (no longer b-ball scholarship), Justice (who left), and Ethan (Henderson hasn’t been in any of the team pics or videos, and there are rumors he’s in the doghouse). So, that would be the three leaving. As to who is coming? No clue.

Now, as for what actually happened with Hill, this isn’t unexpected or shocking news. Whether it’s a mistake or not, depends on how Muss does the next 4-5 years. I’m not expecting a NC this year, and I’m not expecting him to land a bunch of 4-5* in the 2020 class. As both Dudley and RD have said, he’s behind other coaches recruiting those guys because he’s having to make connections.

I think several on here will start complaining about this issue with Justice being the reason why, and it’s not, but the boards will tear him to shreds. I believe same thing will happen with Morris (and football), I think both programs will be slow rebuilds and because of the last 8 (and 6) years we have a lot of impatient fans that don’t want to wait. I think they’re gonna be very displeased by year three, and they shouldn’t be.