I heard CSP

say on the radio that he might have to convert a couple of current players into TEs. He didn’t want to name anyone as he had yet to talk to any of the players, but it seemed like he had a couple in mind. Anyone have a notion as to who those players might be?

I had visions of Blayne Toll playing tight end the first time I saw his Hudl video. I would also suspect that maybe one of those returning offensive linemen that are a bit on the slender side.

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Stromberg is the most slender at 266 but he’s not very fleet of foot. I don’t see anyone else under 285.

well I can tell you if we didn’t need Levi draper so bad at linebacker he would be one heck of a tight end, just go look at his videos dude can fly!

I would love to see Koilan Jackson add a few pounds, then play like his dad!



Great idea. I hadn’t thought of that, but I really like the idea. Certainly a perfect fit “gene” wise. He looks like he has the frame to add 25-30 pounds of muscle.

They have two walk ons, including a preferred one that got here in Jan., already on campus so they will have at least four in the line in spring according to TEs coach Jon Cooper.

I am writing about Coach Cooper later this week and will have their names in that story.

Can’t remember them off the top of my head right now and it’s inside several different interviews on my tape.

By the way, Coach Cooper said he has no idea who they might move to tight end.

They are not that far down the line yet, but we’ll get there soon.

If Jimmie stoudemire is coming back, which I think he has a year left, I could see him getting moved over to TE.

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Stromberg has not been 266 in about 10 months. He played between 275-280. I bet he’s 290 by spring.

I was just going by weight listed online. I have no idea what he actually weighs but he’s clearly not fast enough to play tight end. What other o-linemen would fit the bill?

Ricky is above 290.

What I was thinking… I bet he plays next year about 305

So what other slender O-linemen can convert to TE? I like the idea of Toll and Jackson—if Jackson can put on and play with the weight—but neither are O-linemen.

I am very hesitant to even bring this player up but I think that Burks could play tight end and have a couple of packages each game. That would certainly play hell with the opponents and defensive coordinators. Burks could
likely be an all Sec linebacker. He is 6’3” and 225. I believe that he could keep his speed and pick up 5-10 pounds. Can you image a linebacker chasing Burks on a go route? Or a tight end trying to get loose covered by Burks

He needs to stay at receiver. But it is rare to have athletes who can excel on both sides of scrimmage. D Mac could have been an all American safety also. He was the ultimate wildcat quarterback. Of course, he had a great team around him. Hollis Jones Monk

Treylon Burks is a lot like DMac because he could play several positions and probably play them well. Burks reminds me of Julio Jones…just a great athlete. I can’t wait for Kendall Briles to get him the football. If Treylon doesn’t catch 60 or more passes next year, I will be surprised. You have a stud, get him the danged ball. Use him because he will be gone to the NFL soon.

If Stromberg is good enough to start as a pure frosh. on the offensive line he needs to stay there.

The one who came to mind – except he’s coming back from ACL – that had the body type (long and lean) and mentality would be Noah Gatlin. Oh, I’d like to see him run over a safety with the ball. I got no clue if he could be a TE. But he’d probably be like Joe Dean Davenport.

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