I hear DT Akial Byers just got eligible....

And Missouri is offering a full ride. Any interest by our coaches??

http://www.m.hudl.com/video/3/5314316/5 … 5d90d74afb

I don’t believe there are any scholarships available.

I have not been told that he has qualified.

But if he got a qualifying test, he would still have to get through the NCAA Clearing House.

Can or could he blueshift, Greyshirt, etc. read elsewhere that we are in contact w him. Have no clue if that’s true or not.

“You recruit your own problems”

Doesn’t seem this youngster has the character traits that Coach values. I bet he passes.

I’m told that’s not the case just yet. He still has to finish strong this semester.

Apparently he did get his test score, apparently he is headed to Missouri.

Good thing we have been stacked on defense the past few years and can afford to allow SEC linemen in our own backyard go elsewhere without fear of repercussions.

I think we told him he would have an offer if he became eligible. Also, about 6-7 schools including Arkansas have been in contact.

He just gained eligibility. I can’t criticize the staff for this one.

Can’t take anyone when you don’t have a spot.

Again, must have a strong semester. I hope it happens for him.

Let them go to Missouri. They are going to be cellar dwellers in the East.

How’d that work in Columbia last year?

Were they in the cellar?

Indeed. And we still didn’t beat them.


Indeed. And we still didn’t beat them.
[/quote]what a ray of sunshine! As I have shared with contrarians, probably wasted time with this audience, but always playing the Devil’s advocate makes it easier to be confused for the Devil.