I haven’t seen it mentioned,

But it appears that Pittman has lost weight in the past few weeks. Good for him!

Has anyone asked him about it? Maybe, that’s too touchy of a question. :grinning:

Have also noticed. With his daily walks with Coach Odom possibly probably being a major contributing factor I’d imagine he’d take the notice as a compliment.
And I too agree.Very good for Coach Pittman!

I read somewhere that he has lost over 50 pounds. Someone might need to post the article.

I believe he said he was doing keto. He looks fantastic!

Yes, it’s Keto diet.

I thought the broadcasters mentioned it in the Texas game. Can definitely see a difference from this year to last.

Excellent! Makes me love our coach even more. I lost 90 lbs. on low carb and had several health benefits from it.


Good for you man. I started a milder restrictive form of high protein low carb eating about 2 1/2 months ago and have shed 20 lbs. so far.


Glad for you, too. To me protein is not as important as reintroducing healthy fat into the diet–that’s why I call what I do LCHF–Low Carb, High/Healthy Fat.

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Healthy fat is underrated! :smile:


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