I have zero inside information but it sure seems like Toney

is coming back next year and that JD is at least thinking about it.

I think Muss was somewhat talking to Toney when he mentioned the Martin twins and how it helped them coming back for one more year. If Toney improved his handles and jump shot he could really make some money in the league. His instincts on the court are A+.

I hope that someone in Arkansas offers JD a sweet NIL to get him to comeback. Playing overseas is a very tough life and has gotten a lot tougher with Russia invading Ukraine. The G league is tough sledding also. Mason Jones can’t be guarded in the G league but can never get any playing time when the Lakers call him up. He’s there for a few days and right back to the G league.

Can you imagine a starting line up of Toney, JD, Nick Smith, J Will and Walsh? With Devo, Dunning, Ford and Pinion coming off the bench. I think Nick could play the point and let JD go crazy at the two.


JD has a sweet NIL deal with the Hunts. Also, the thinking is that JD would come back to improve his PG skills for the pros.


Seems highly likely that JD is gone. Toney I think there is a chance he stays and it would really benefit him and us.



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When someone says it’s highly likely JD is gone please explain your reasons. I’m not being argumentative just trying to figure how positive you could be.


JD needs to work on PG skills for the next level

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JD will be 24 years old next year. The NBA pays a lot of attention to age (one of the reasons they loved Moses last year was that he was only 18). If JD wants to prove he can play PG he needs to do it in the G league or overseas, not by coming back to college.

JD is too small to be an NBA SG. Thus the need to demonstrate PG ability. Not sure anyone is going to take a flyer on a 6-1 combo guard who would have to learn how to play the point on your dime.

Of course it only takes one team out of 30, but if the NBA folks give him that kind of feedback (or if Muss is already getting it) he could well come back.

And don’t forget NIL. Oscar is likely going to come back to Kentucky because he’s going to make millions in NIL. With JD’s story or his humble origins he’ll attract interest well beyond the gig with the Hunts. He could probably make more as a Hog than G League or overseas.


I was thinking tonight about how there are going to be fewer opportunities for guys to play in Europe in the next year or two, regardless of how the Russo-Ukrainian War ends.

If you had asked me two months ago if JD was going to come back I would have said no, but with NIL(and he probably would line up a lot more NIL money if he came back), the fact he’s unlikely to make an NBA roster next year, and the reduced opportunities overseas, I could see it happening.


I think JD and Toney both come back.

If JD & Toney both come back along with JWill, then there will be a couple highly touted freshmen sitting on the bench unless they can prove some good defensive skills quickly along with rest of their game. Which ones getting minutes yet to be seen.
Also if and big if is KK stays and somehow elevates his game to garner major minutes, takes more freshmen minutes away.
Hopefully the frosh stick around another year.

If JD wants to make money playing basketball he needs to take the greater of his Arkansas NIL or overseas money next season.

If they do, that creates an interesting problem. Who gets in Muss’ rotation?

Returning rotation guys would be JWill, Toney, JD, Devo and Kamani. Then you have Smith, Walsh, Dunning, Pinion and Ford coming in, and Moore and the Robinsons trying/hoping to develop (if they all stay).

I’ve concluded there is no scenario or amount of talent that would prompt Muss to go more than 8 deep. If he’s going to go outside that pattern, next year might be the time.

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I was thinking same thing.

Men will be great next year if that happens. Women will be just as good or better IMO.

IMO - Smith and Walsh start day one. I don’t think Pinion will be ready his freshman year. I can’t form an opinion on Dunning because I’ve never seen anything but highlights. Is the high school division he plays in very tough?

Ford is physically ready to play D1 football right now…lol…There is just a few things that worry me about Ford. At Magnolia in the 4a he has seen zero competition. He rarely plays an entire game. This past summer he was playing for Houston Hoops and didn’t do much for them and his Dad tells everyone their shutting down AAU ball to concentrate on training. A few days later he’s on an Arkansas travel team that doesn’t play near the competition Houston Hoops did. Will Ford be ready for D1 competition? Has he improved his jump shot? If not he will be fighting for playing time.

Vanover, KK and Jackson will have a tough time seeing the floor unless they make a big jump over the summer. I don’t think Vanover will ever see the floor again at Arkansas. He’s just too slow and to thin. Jackson has to learn how to play defense if he ever wants to see any type of run. KK…I just don’t know what to say. I think he’s going to transfer somewhere he can get some good playing time.

If Toney comes back we are going to be salty. If JD and Toney comes back we will be down right nasty!


I did until last night, I also think we are losing one more no one expected

I’m thinking Pinion needs a year too. Not sure about Ford. As for Dunning, Alabama hoops puts out some good talent but you don’t know about his level of competition.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure Smith’s going to be starting too
Walsh has a great chance too
If JD and Tony come back is definitely going to create some freshman not getting to play near as much as they thought they would and in the world we live in today that could mean we lose one or two…
These are good problems to have for sure. I kind of doubt JD comes back though

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Dunning plays in 6-A which is one off the top division in Bama… he lost this week in the playoffs but averaged 25 points and 21 rebounds over the three games. Impressive numbers and he is the Gatorade Player of the year in Bama. We all are caught up in this recruiting class with the Five Stars and a possible Black coming onboard, but the others have a lot of talent too. Great things swinging the Hogs’ way in basketball.