I have to brag

Today is Megan’s birthday. I seldom post anything about her. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without her. There’s a reason why married men live longer than single guys. We men need a soulmate more so than women. We don’t take care of ourselves without a wife.

When I was single, I always wanted to meet a woman that treated me the way I believed I would treat her, I found that in Megan. She has the best heart of anyone I’ve ever met. If you met her, you would know she’s top level.

She attended St. Edwards in Austin and received her degree in theater and eventually ended up in Melbourne, Fla. where she worked for a talent agency. She worked with a lot of actors and actresses and was able to help many get their careers started. So many were kids getting started in the biz.

Her agency got Mark Consuelos’ role with General Hospital. She did casting for the movie Doc Holloway.

She’s formed so many great friendships. She’s very good friends with the creator of Dance Moms. I remember numerous times while dating she would mention seeing a former client in commercial, sitcom or movie and she would say she helped get their first gig. She’s stayed in touch with so many of them through the years.

Anyway, I say this, to say this, she helped a kid get a part in a Shaq Pepsi commercial and the kid received money every time the commercial ran. The kid saved his money and now has his own business and evidently is doing well. She just learned of this today.


Your pups know who their Mama might be.

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Happy Birthday Megan

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BTW, she’s not in the casting business now.

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Happy Birthday, Megan. Love those pups.

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You are a very, very lucky man, RD. I’ve struck out twice in the wife department. Very content to have my great dog, Hudson. I think Megan would say she is very lucky to have you too.

Happy for you and Megan. Those are beautiful, precious looking doggies too. Lots of love flowing in your household.

You should brag. Relay our Happy Birthday to her. God Bless. GHG!

Happy Birthday Megan. Hope you had a blessed day.
Those little doggies are adorable to.

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