I have this sinking felling....

I love seeing the comments that gus will divide the state… really?

No he made divide Springdale and Fayetteville. The rest of the state won’t care, maybe a few here and there.

That’s a huge stretch, majority of fans do not care who is the coach as long as they win. That’s the truth.

Anytime you know them personally or have been around them, you will have strong feelings one way or another but it’s a stretch to think the entire state cares, they dont.

I’m from Texarkana, and there’s a lot of razorback fans here and I don’t think majority give a rip who the coach is. Sure they have their preferences, we all do.

I’ll be alright with whoever they decide… if they win.

Speak for yourself. You don’t know if he will divide the state or not. I’ve talked to about 10 friends in NEA, central Ark and Nwa and they all don’t want him and think he and his cult will be divisive.

I am speaking for myself, just as those who think he will be divisive.

People are usually all talk, if Gus gets hired and he starts winning, watch how quick those attitudes will change.

Wins cure all. But there’s a real exaggeration on how divisive he’d be, I wasn’t ever mad at him during the Nutt debacle.

Key phrase

You’re right it is. It is for any coach.

I do think that the coach next year has a chance to have a good 1st season, it’s favorable, minutes the 4,5 and 6th 3 game stretch.

I agree, but a change in system could cause a Down year.

Firing Jeff Long may haunt the University of Arkansas for years.

It could, for sure.

But if the coach can patch the Ol, there is a lot of young talent that could shine next year. Same for DL.

agree with notorious. in central arkansas here and out of the 15 to 20 I’ve talked to that are all huge hog fans and some doners, i have only found 1 that was gong ho for gus. most here want norvell or someone that can unite the state gus definitely won’t do that…

Speaking as someone who moderated the Hawgs Illustrated message boards when Gus was at Arkansas and afterward, I have little idea who was local to NWA and who was not. I do know that there was controversy and people were adamant about their side of the issue. There were plenty of those who were against him who were NOT from NWA. Of course there is that side to the issue.

That is why I have been pushing for a young coach running the pro system. Just based off what RD thought we needed to address in recruiting, I think it will shore up the holes. I’m just afraid we are gonna go after a “big time” “spread” guy and it will backfire, just like Bret did.

I said when Bret was hired, if we gave him 10 years (I didn’t think it was a five year fix) he may turn into what’s many thought, but I was afraid the fanbase would turn on him before then. I was right. I believe the same thing happens with a “new system” guy,

Now, a third option that no one has really mentioned, what if we keep Bret (HC), Smith (WR), Lunney (take over Coach Allen’s position), Franks (recruiting coordinator), and Herbert (strength and conditioning) and replace the rest of the staff. Bring in a new OC (Sumlin is Bret’s friend and he’s probably gone from aTm). Let him bring in his staff for offense. Bring back Randy Shannon (he’s out at Florida) as the DC with his own staff. Then bring in Charlie Partridge as the ST coach. Now you have guys that are exceptional recruiters, can recruit LA, Texas, and Florida. Really wouldn’t have to completely overhaul the current system and may get away with paying less, because all three were “fired.” Just a thought

If it was 5 or 10 years you can’t fix the stupid decisions he makes. Toledo his decisions cost that game. Yesterday there could have been OT! I like him as a person but no longer as a coach.

I’m not sure Gus would come to Arkansas (I just hope he would). If he beats Alabama, Auburn will give him an extension and a raise. If he loses to Alabama and the new Auburn AD decides to let him go, I think he would be much more appreciated at Florida or Tennessee.

Not against Gus either. There are two negatives: 1. Money required and 2. Built in divisiveness with this choice for fan base. I don’t know the man, am only familiar with his coaching career and the drama as published in paper during his time as assistant at UofA. On the other hand, I have a friend who knows him personally and considers him a wonderful person. My friend’s son played football for Gus at Springdale. Years later friend’s son’s wife had a child with complications. Within 48 hours Gus found out about the problems and called the young man from Auburn to offer his prayers, support, and a scholarship to Auburn for the newborn. That sounds like a man who cares to me.

Please no duel threat QBs. Fighting is not to be encouraged.

(I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.)

Did I say duel?