I have this sinking felling....

That Gus will be on our sideline next year. I’ve never been on the Gus bus. Never met the guy just read a lot about him. What Gus will need to do if hired:

  1. Turn around recruiting - OLine and DLine needs immediate help
  2. With that bring in coaches that are crazy good recruiters - we have to pay more
  3. Find a QB that is duel threat - I’m thinkin of one in state now
  4. Pull the fan base together - humble - admit mistakes in the past - generate excitment
  5. Bring in a great DC - hopefully the one he has now

If he comes I’ll still be a crazy Hog fan but Gus will have to win me over to be a Gus fan. I’m sure my list is totally incomplete. Any thoughts?


I bet Sexton is working Malazan a raise at Auburn.

I think your list of “to do’s” is good and if followed will lead to success along the lines of what other successful coaches have achieved in the SEC. Conference winning percentage over 50%, but less than 60% which is okay with me.

I just want us to be respectable again with the opportunity to have really good years every 4-5 years.

This is something I’ve mentioned a few times. An article released before the LSU game last year said Gus is due 13.79 million for a buyout (that includes the assistants). He signed a new contract extension this off season. Gus’ buyout is up to 7.5 million (you Gus fans better hope he doesn’t beat Bama). His assistants are still included at a price of at least 4.84 million (but some of them also signed extensions, so it could be more). Plus we have to still pay Bret 5.8 million. An “insider” has already said Gus makes $4.7 million annually. Any offer from us will be met with and offer of 5.5 million from AUB (supposedly they’d be willing to go to 6). That means a minimum offer of 6.1 million here. That’s 24.5 million for just next year. Plus we owe Long 4.6 and the new AD may be just as expensive.

I don’t think Gus should be looked at, especially when some of those clamoring for Gus said Campbell was too expensive at 9.4 million. We are going to have to focus in a different and cheaper direction.

Based on this math one would have to conclude someone or a group is willing to kick in serious $$ for Gus to make any sense at all and those same $’s aren’t there if he’s not willing to come here.

That said, hope it’s Norvell

I have never been a Gus fan but I am ready to have things close to what I saw before the bike wreck. If the answer is Gus then so be it. I think it is someone else.

Jeff won’t be on the sideline very long, unless he elects to be. There are 2 AD openings at P5 schools already and will possibly be others soon, so that would take care of that buyout.

I know we have discussed Gussiah’s contract before, but iirc, if the assistants take other jobs or go wherever with Gus, doesn’t their buyout go away, since Auburn isn’t on the hook for them anymore?

I said this before Jackson, I think Norvell is a “hot name” and we will get in a bidding war over his services. Not sure he will be the guy based on $ either. However, if we are really considering offering the Gus type money mentioned, why not try a legitimate run at St Nick (Saban)?

If they take other jobs, but if AUB hires a new coach and he releases them first, we are on the hook.

As for Jeff, I agree, I don’t think he will be on the sideline long. Funny thing is a few weeks back someone said they’d heard a rumor Jeff was looking at AUB. Wouldnt that just be awesome, we get their AD and Coach, and they get ours. Wonder what the CBB haters would say when AUB beats us AGAIN but with Bret as coach

Would much rather see him go to Louisville. Bet Petrino would find another ditch to go into. :lol:

:o :shock: :lol:

Great post and thread!

Realistically, just doing the math of playing in the SECW with Bama, Aub, LSU, A&M, Ole Miss and Miss St, our chances of winning the SECW are less than 1 time every 10 years. Bama is likely to win it 4-6 times in 10, LSU 3-4, Aub 2-3, between the rest, maybe once between them.

We could catch lightening in a bottle; it’s possible, but unlikely. Realistically, lightening in a bottle for us would be winning more than 9 maybe 1-3 years in 10, with some bad years in the mix. Chances are, whether it’s Gus or Norvell, or Petrino, or whoever, over a ten year stretch, we’re going to have more than our share of 5-7 win seasons. This will probably cause an uproar in the fanbase and we’ll start over again.

This is our reality.

I’m not a Gus hater. I get that many oppose him. But, if he can win, I’m all for him. One of my buddies is an Auburn Alum and he says that their Board has already begun to look for a new coach, assuming that Gus is going to take the Arkansas job. The only question is whether he takes it after the Alabama game. If they win, then they play Georgia in the SEC Title Game. But, if they also beat Georgia for a second time, then there is an outside possibility Auburn could be in the playoffs. That would postpone any Gus hire until after the first of the year.

Sometimes things just have a way of working out. I do not think the top dudes at Auburn really want Gus anymore. They may not want him even more in another week.

But, Auburn may beat Alabama.Then, it could get interesting.

I’ve been told the same by a friend who says his family is tied into AUB’s BOT

Those folks at Auburn are about as delusional as a fanbase can be. They make us look a lot better. Gus has won an SEC championship and probably should have won the National Championship the same year. He is fighting for another one this year and may get it. This he has done in his five years there. We would be fortunate to get him. He has only been a head coach 5 years…6 if you count the year in the minors at Arkansas State. He has a lot left in the tank.

It is my understanding he is a football junkie and loves his work. He is not a butt kisser or a showman. He just wants to coach and win. I am down with that. In our situation, we should be very glad if we were fortunate enough to get him to come coach the Hogs.

If he beats Bama, it’ll get interesting. Really interesting if he beats GA again. Then wins at least one of the playoff games. I just think he is gonna cost too much.

We a small state of $2 mill and yet we can get behind our coach —Gus our whomever— that is silly to me

Gus has no learning curve , can get a great staff, knows ark and the SEC. exciting offense -/ what else could we want?

Comments: I really hope so, he is the most logical choice, first an Arkansan, secondly he is very familiar with the landscape of the SEC including the talent pools throughout the SEC. He knows and have coached great collegian QBs, last he is a winner in the SEC.