I have noticed a trend

In recent recruiting that when AR is one of the 1st Power 5 teams to offer a kid their recruiting seems to get much more attention from more power 5 programs afterward. In some cases their recruiting just blows up.
I think this just shows the respect for CCM’s and Chief’s ability to evaluate talent. Coincidence, I think not.

Could be some of that, but I’m sure other kids blow up after other Power 5s offer too.

Yea RD I was thinking same in regards to other P5 program 1st offers causing blow ups in recruiting as well.
Just wanted to recognize the ones when AR causes them.

Certainly, but which Arkansas offers in the past do you recall this happening with? Now if you wish to tell me that is possibly because we rarely or never offered so early, I would have to concur. Our boys are getting out there ahead of the curve!

I remember Petrino and Bielema staffs saying the same. When they would make an offer others would follow. I can’t recall the exact year but I remember OU offering several kids after Arkansas.

Okay. It was a good thought anyway, but thanks for setting the record straight.