I have not been a Gus fan but I am not sure the hate for him is justified..............

…in a part of the Arkansas fan base. If any of the top ten ranked teams’ head coach wanted to come to struggling Arkansas, we should be doing cartwheels. The coach of the team that just beat Bama might want to come. Sure, his teams stomped us but he was just doing his job much better than our previous coach was doing his job. There is a powerful group of people in Springdale that want Malzahn to be our coach and they generate a lot of resentment but why should that taint Malzahn? He is deeply religious and his Church in Springdale is powerful in the conservative side of the Evangelical politics, but what does that have to do with coaching football? I would be comfortable with a good coach being affiliated with any denomination as long as it wasn’t a Charles Manson cult, if he could revive the Razorbacks. So,what is the problem if Malzahn becomes our coach? It will cost a lot of money, but name one of the top ten teams’ coaches who would not cost a lot of money. Do we want a bigtime coach who wants to be at Arkansas for the rest of his career or do we want an up and coming young coach at a bargain price who might be good someday? One thing about it, if Malzahn plays us for a big contract at Auburn, the clamor for him to be our coach in the future will be non-existent. He will have burned that bridge to the ground and his supporters would have no credibility again ever. That should make the Malzahn haters happy.

Don’t believe that. In three years, when he stays at AUB, he will be on the hot seat again, and our coach will be struggling more than some think because of the change in philosophy (run first to pass first). His name will blow up our message boards again, and the same people that want him now, will want him then.

I tend to side with Hogmodo re. the boldface. have spoken to more than one die-hard Gus fan who has made it clear if he stays at auburn and its discovered he was playing us the whole time, they will promptly get off the gus bus. One individual who roots for auburn (except when they play the Hogs), said he would no longer root for them or Malzahn. These examples are small samples, but I think if this train does not stop at the UofA station - it will likely never come back through.

We will just disagree on this part

I’d have thought the clamor for Gus would’ve already died down, but obviously that was wrong. However, it’s one thing to think time would have muted it. It’s quite another if some of these big donors feel like they’ve been used. It wouldn’t take long for love to hate if someone feels they’ve been made a pawn.


You all know, of course, that we are getting played like a violin here? I think Gus is an opportunist of the highest order. We are about to see it unfold.

I’ll support him if he’s coach. But I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

I wish we’d hire Chad Morris and be done with it.

I agree with your first paragraph. I have zero doubt that Gus is playing us and AUB for as much money as possible.

I agree, I hope he is not our coach, but if he is the HC I will cheer for the Hogs to win.

No on Morris. I’ve done a lot of research on our perspective HC candidates, his body of work isn’t at the top of the list.

Seems like Sunday is the magic day, especially if AU loses. I have no problem getting a hire done quickly - if its a strong hire. But I bet no hire will happen before sunday, just to see what happens in the SECCG.

The title in this post “I have not been a Gus fan but I am not sure the hate for him is justified”, pretty much describes majority of the opinions here that I have been reading. What it sounds like to me is I don’t like him but I hold my nose and tolerate him because he is a good coach and may help us out of this miserable situation. Is this the right attitude towards a new coach? NO! - This means minimal tolerance, two years & success or we set you on fire. Too many enemies unjustifiably. Here it is in a nutshell: Nutt and Broyles hired him so they can get his QB & Receiver. they were winning until somebody said the QB in highschool commented that Nutt was a Dork or something like that. He pulled the QB. Meantime they did not let Gus to install the offense they had promised him. They marginalized him and call him “High School”. At the end of the year, the kids transferred and Gus left. Imagine this was done to you! He was mis-treated, took it a full year and left. He does not deserve such harsh opinions and “Hate”. He be a damn fool to come to AR, knowing he is already targeted by built in enemies, who are ready to chop him at first opportunity. I have said it before and I am saying it again. Gus is not good for AR, and AR is not good for Gus. This marriage will not work, because of the unjustified bad attitude of AR toward him.

Sorry, I don’t get it. Everything that 24 said was true except that he is not good for Arkansas and Arkansas is not good for him. The guy is a winner. He has won every place that he has been. He has NEVER to my knowledge discussed what happened during the time that he was hired to coach with HDN. It must have been a very humbling experience where he was simply used and taken for granted. He did what many of us would have done in that circumstance. He moved on. Personally, I would love to see him return to Arkansas. If he did, we would be competitive again in 2 years and be challenging in 3. He would certainly bring respectability back to a program that has become a DOORMAT! GO DAWGS!

The point I am making is that the man did nothing to AR, only that he endured one year of humiliation and hardship. He left without pointing fingers at anyone, and he does not deserve the way he has been perceived. Whither all these rumors about him coming to AR has a leg, I don’t know. But if it happens, I certainly hope we show more respect and enthusiasm than " I am not a Gus fan but…".