I have no idea why but

I hope to see a game at Washington State someday.

I have a few off the beaten path places I would like to see college home games. Who’s on your wishlist?

Rose Bowl.

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None, but I still wanna see Machu Picchu and the pyramids at Giza.


I’m slow. What?


I’m right there with you Richard LOL

That’s a bowl game in Mobile.


I have no clue but it sounds like a band LOL

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My Dad took me to the 1967 Rose Bowl. Purdue and USC. Other bowls we went to were the Cotton, Bluebonnet, Orange, and Gator. Dad was a huge college football fan. I’ve been to so many I can’t really say where I’d like to go. Fenway maybe? Just to see the iconic park I guess.


I am a history geek, RD. Those are 2 of the most fascinating places on the planet…definitely not rock bands.

Agree with Billy on the Rose Bowl, but only if we are playing in it for the first time.



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Same here -Pullman and Corvallis on my list. Also root for Purdue in the Big 10

Thanks, Mike. The whole world ain’t sports.


Harvard vs Yale …both places

The Michigan vs OSU game only at Michigan …

If Arkansas ever plays an October game at Tennessee…

That’s my bucket list

It’s a total dump, the traffic is a nightmare, and the campus police that portal are horrible…. But in all seriousness, please go and experience that for yourself…

I got to sit on top of the green monster for a game … best MLB experience I’ve ever had… was super cool!

Fenway or St. Andrews.

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Fenway is amazing….

I have an invite for Fenway. Just gotta go. St. Andrews is probably doable, too.

Watching Bob Gibson was off the charts. Lou Brock, Ozzie (was in a video I made) all great stuff.