I have news for some younger fans

Arkasas has never been in a bidding war with other schools for a new football coach and won. Frank was a one year college head coach at Missouri when we got him, Hatfield wa a native who came home, BP was I feel the biggest known coach when we got him but he had abandoned the NFL and fell into our hands becuse of the timing involved with his departure from the pros. Wyatt was virtually unknown and Otis Douglas was from the NFL.

In short we have never been in an obvious contest for a well known coach and won. Period.

Exactly. The climate in big time football in 2019 is all about money, money, money. Which puts us in a horrible position due to the terrible leadership by Long and the PTB in hiring the last two coaches. While we might not be paying Bielema right now sooner or later we’ll settle for a nice chunk. And we’re on the hook for a reported 9 million to Morris. We don’t have pockets as deep as everyone thinks. Big boosters that have the cash have been burnt twice and won’t just throw out money on demand.

We will either hire an up and comer or go for Butch.

I’ll support either and continue to SMH at Jeff Long.

If you are an older fan then you should also remember what it was like to have a real AD who could make a decision. There was no vetting firms and there were no airplane rides all over the country. Broyles never fired anyone without know exactly who was available and he was not afraid to make a decision. He knew everything he needed to know about coaching candidates long before everything was known on social media. Everything about anyone can be googled in todays atmosphere and yet HY spends three weeks vetting and taking airplane rides. Then after three weeks of doing whatever he did he makes a recommendation to the Board that they will not accept. He may be trying to get it right but in doing so he has gotten one hell of a mess that is a disaster because of the negative impact on the fans and recruiting

What I clearly remember is an AD who could make these decisions without interference from the BOT and PTB. I’ll speculate that those folks killed the LK deal - either for money reasons or because of their ego (ie not agreeing with HY).

And after the dust settles and the coach is named we may have hired someone better than LK. All of the hand wringing, whining could be for no reason.

At this point everything is speculation. My theory holds up about as well as anyone. Except I freely admit I know nothing more than an old dudes opinion.

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I’m with LD…what he said!

That’s because we are not committed to winning as a program, and it’s extremely obvious.

What makes it so obvious? Is it HY hasn’t followed the fans timeline, pulled Bob Stoops out of retirement or personally called for your opinion?

You seriously think we are a program that is committed to winning?

We have a BoT that meddles with hires because of past morality issues. We have Boosters who want their finger prints on every hire, and the last one was the worst hire in SEC history.
We got out played, and out bid by freaking Ole Miss.

We are constantly looking for a bargain. We aren’t committed to winning, and never have been. Probably never will be.

A good candidate for us, is one that’s never missed church.

You make all these claims without one shred of evidence. None. If you’ve got some inside source that supports these claims, name the source, or at least tell specifically what he or she said.

I thought you were moving on to LSU fandom?

Well bargain shoppers, Arkansas is the proud home of Walmart.
Personally, I see nothing wrong with getting the best bang for my buck when shopping, but I expect to get what I paid for.

I truly wish I could. Unfortunately it’s in my DNA to torture myself.

Hire Butch Davis and I definitely will figure out how to. Atleast they prioritize winning (LSU).

Usually just doesn’t work that way in the big boy league of the SEC. I’m all for a good deal. But the saying always holds true, you get what you pay for.

We expect top of the league results, with bottom of the league pay.

Honestly, you don’t know any of this for a fact

You are basing it off what you are reading ON A FAN INTERNET FORUM.

Yet you state these things and make your arguments as if you were in the meetings and conversations. Lots of people on here doing that.

There’s an old saying: ”never believe any of the things you hear and half the things you see”.

Actions speak loud. I’m not saying I know any of it for fact. You don’t have to let it get under your skin so much.

But it’s not so hard to call a spade a spade.

On the surface it seems we are not committed to winning. This has been a problem dating back to JL.

We can see it differently, you don’t have to agree. But just because you don’t agree with me, doesn’t mean you’re correct either.

Really thought we were getting past that when HY made swift action to fire Chad. But the apparent (we don’t know for fact yet) botching of this hire, takes that away.

Fact … recruiting signing date is almost here. This fact makes it really hard to defend what is taking place right now.

But I’m so in the wrong for being pissed about this entire process, that we had a 3 week head start on.

It’s kinda of be careful what you wish for scenario coming full circle. I’m old enough to remember many complaining (no forums back then ) about Coach Broyles having to much control and he needed to retire. Seems that was pre SEC days but I might be wrong.

Butch Davis? He rode coattails at Miami, hasn’t won squat anywhere else. That’s not a commitment to winning, that’s kowtowing to his little fan club in Springdale.

That’s exactly what I’m saying

Fixed my post, I see why you Mis-read it.