I have never seen a CWS like

this dominated by one side of a conference. Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, A&M, and count that both Texas and Oklahoma are future SEC members. There are only 2 teams outside of SEC Stanford from PAC 12 and Norte Dame from ACC. Unbelievable! Baseball is SEC country!


And TN probably should have been in, but I am glad they are not because I hate their behavior. Lost all respect for Vitello.


I seriously doubt Tony will even be considered for Arkansas job when DVH decides to retire.


That’s probably true! Tony has shown behavior and allows behavior that DVH doesn’t tolerate.
The dose of humble pie he was served at home this past weekend may change him some.
I’m just proud the Vols got beat!
The SEC west has showed out.
Texas A&M, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Auburn. Wow! The East didn’t have anybody make it!
OU and Texas will make it really hard for teams to coast through conference play.
I sure hate having both Auburn and Ole Miss on our side of the bracket. The only good news is they will play each other and it the hogs win game 1 we get the winner and with a loss we would get the other SEC foe. Win game 1. Beat Stanford.


SEC West in 2026 (assuming, as I have read, that they maintain divisions)

Arkansas-CWS 2022
Auburn-CWS 2022
Texas A&M-CWS 2022
Ole Miss-CWS 2022
Miss Stake–NC 2021
Texass–CWS 2022
Oklahoma-CWS 2022
LSU-6 nattys


Even if you swap Bama and Auburn to the East and move Misery to the West, which is probably what happens, it’s still brutal


Give Matt a lot of credit. For quite some time he’s been saying Aubie was good and our series W on the plains was really good.


This is actually the second time there have been 4 teams from the SEC West.

First time was '97 when LSU beat Bama for the title while Miss St and Auburn were also in the field.

There were 3 of us from SECW on our last visit in 2019.

Tough division, and only going to get tougher in the next few years


There was a question on Quora this morning from some dweeb in Omaha, basically wrapped around the inane statement “I’m going to boycott the CWS until Nebraska or Creighton win it”. I pointed out to him that the Big Ten hasn’t won the CWS since 1966, the Big East has never won it, and it’s damn hard for anybody to win it, as shown by no #1 seed winning in 23 years.

So the “easiest” course to glory in Omaha is to go 10-0. You can lose a total of four games and get there, one in the regional, one in the super, one in the Omaha bracket and one in the championship series, but that may also require extra victories in the loser’s bracket. Going 12-4 is the worst you can do and win the title. And if you start 9-0 then lose the next two, no soup for you.

And of course we’re 5-1 now. Ole Miss is 5-0. Aggies are 5-0. Auburn is 5-1. Stanford is 6-2. Texas is 5-1. ND is 5-1. and OU is 5-2. One of those eight gets the trophy.

The soup nazi - some funny stuff

Maybe this run will cause Oklahoma to invest more in baseball. I think it needs to if it is going to be competitive in the SEC.

There’s no excuse for OU to have facilities in any sport that aren’t too notch other than a lack of interest. They have rich oil men all over Oklahoma

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