I have never not looked forward to a Hog football game

Until now.

I just can’t imagine how painful it is going to be to watch the Bama game.

I can’t remember every feeling that way before in 40+ years of watching.

How would you feel about going there??? We have a group of 10 that bought tickets early on (we are going to a different road game every year and just so happen to choose this one :roll: ).

It will be brutal but we will have fun anyway!!

Not going to watch. Arkansas does not have a team this year.

bama is good

When we gave up the td at end of the half, then went 3 and out on our first drive of second half i told my family to get ready to go out to dinner. Saw Allen throw a pick six and didn’t watch anymore. Knew what the outcome was going to be just by watching how unenthusiastic the kids were and knowing we are the worst second half team possibly in the history of Arkansas football. Only other game i did not watch to the end was when Miami came to Little Rock and just pummeled us. I was at that game and left at half, walked home. Too painful to watch. The Bama game, i predict a mauling in all aspects of the game, offense, defense and special teams. Not sure how long i will watch that. Wish these kids would just get mad and bust some rear ends at least, but they have let go of the rope I think. I also think there is an internal problem, just like last year, something isn’t right up there, no enthusiasm at all…

I feel the same way. The only silver lining is that they’ve already dominated several teams so badly that anything that happens to us won’t even make a blip on the embarrassment radar.

To me, giving up almost 50 and getting run out by a bad Usce team is as bad as whatever score Bama puts on us.

Agree with this - a blowout in Tuscaloosa was always expected. A four touchdown curb stomping in Columbia…really!!!

Agree to all comments.
We left in the 3rd quarter.
I think the team reflects/responds to head coach when it comes to enthusiasm…
deer in the headlights.
Take the dang headphones off and have some fun with your players or get in someone’s face!

Go look at game thread.

After 2nd play of 2nd half I told my wife we were beat. You could just see it.

I posted the game was over and we were about to be blown out.

I don’t feel good about. I wish I had been wrong.

I agree 100 percent.

I will not go to another game this season.

I also will not be watching this weekend. Instead a trip up to Kansas City sounds like a good weekend get away. I have a hurt for some good BBQ.

I have only had one game ever where I was absolutely sure we had no chance.

That was the game at Auburn when they were ranked #2 in the nation. 2006 or 2007

And we absolutely destroyed them

I certainly feel that way again. And we are way worse now than then. And Bama is better than that Auburn team was

I figure I’ve used my one miracle