I have Hope again

What I saw vs Bama gave me hope

I’m watching Arkansas be blue collar hard again -

They fought to the end

I’m seeing a JFB like coach on the sidelines as far as his demeanor with officials

All he needs to do now is pull his shit tail out and run his hands through this hair before he puts his Razorback ball cap back in and he would be JFB

I’m impressed - not by the record - but by how the team is improving

I don’t think this team has given up - does anyone know how hard it is to keep men fighting at a level like this when they are losing?

Count me all in and impressed and I’m not even including he remarkable recuiting

Folks - we have a winner

Maybe the next JFB - let’s see if this guy will finish with 4-5-6 wins ?

I’m impressed

Just drink a nice woodford double Oaked - swallow hard and hang on

Good times are coming and Bama beware

There’s always hope! Especially when we see the fight the team has shown! Heart and want too can’t be coached. This staff coaxhes during games and keeps pushing that’s leadership and the players are responding.
They still haven’t played a complete game but it’s coming. I would like too see a 3 game winning streak. That could give the players a boost. It starts this weekend with Ole Miss!
The crootin with this staff has picked up and will likely continue. The wins are in the future and fans need to be patient.

Totally Agree

We may have never been Football coaches but as fellow US Army Veterans we know leadership under pressure - Chad Morris is the real deal

You can’t motivate young men to keep fighting while losing unless you have that unique leadership quality that communicates purpose, hope and vision despite the losses around you

As a Soldier that has led Sildiers in difficult situations - I affirm Chad Zmortis is s field General

It’s going to be ok


There is a simple truth out there that none of can ignore. You and I watched AR win an NC in our day. We have also seen this program slowly decline and overall consistently since. I often wonder what these young bucks that never lived in our time get so excited about. Other programs that were waanabes back in the day have built programs, declined, and rebuilt again while we are stuck on just wait till the next year that never comes.

My years are about up. This hope thing is not for me any longer. We are in yet another of way too many “we are terrible” cycles. We appear to be recruiting well, perhaps the best ever, and have a promising coach. Been there, done that too many times already with the same result over and over. Only time will tell. Please be right.

Ronpad6 I have so enjoyed our banter and discussions over the years

Oh! Please forgive my slow response - with natural disasters and life being just full I haven’t been in the board much - this is just one of those nights that my humanity over comes my discipline and the memories of distant places in uniform rob my sleep

All you say is true to me except - I’m not ready to give up - quite yet

I’m going to anger some folks - but I am so grateful for the folks who fired Jeff Long

Imho Jeff along saw Razorback sports for students and then it was ok for them torepresent Arkansas

I know Jeff did great things - IMHO his Big Ten background prevented him from connecting the dots and seeing the cultural uniqueness of Arkansas and the Razorbacks

The same guy that hired John L Smith And Brett etc etc etc

The new AD I think is a better cultural fit - he knows the importance of football to rural American communities

The new head coach may be a new JFB

I have a glimmer of hope

Now it Arkansas totally tanks in the next 5 years I’ll join you in accepting that we saw the glory days of Arkansas football and it’s time to bury that past and move on - after all - I’m not an Alumni and I have no connections to UofA except family roots like Coach Cole and s Brother graduate of UofA Med School - and the Razorbacks

But for now - I have a glimmer of hope

Good night my Razorback friend

I’m going to try and sleep now

Go Hogs Go - Best Ole Miss

But yes I’m close to packing it in and accepting - The Razorbacks represent a university not the people of Arkansas

But I got hope / 5 years