I have great admiration and respect for Mike Anderson

And I am very happy that he is our coach. I have no idea what kind of season we are going to have. We may or may not dance this year, but I will have this man’s back if we go 0-30, 30-0 or somewhere in between. I just wanted to get that out of the way before the season begins.

I am a huge Mike Anderson fan.

And cut him huge amounts of slack.

He has a freshman team so can’t expect much.

Shaka will get fired this season but his vets only slightly better than us.

Mike is in year eight.

I hoped for three final fours by now not three ncaa tourneys if I’m honest.

This team is young. But his last seven not so much.

No one should blame Mike for freshmen expectations this year.

But how come we haven’t been better these last eight years is legit q in my view.

He’s the right coach for the job point blank I can’t even think of anyone better for it at Arkansas

See testimony from the Adiddas hoops trial. it’s hard to compete in the Pro-Am when your guys are all ams.

I said before the season started that I thought we would struggle early and the SEC tourney might decide if we make the NCAA tourney.

Our young men tonight showed a lot of poise and grit. I loved it!!!

I believe FT’s will be mended and other spots will be fixed by experience.

If we play with the same poise and grit as we did tonight, I have a lot more hope for how this season can turn out.

At some point you have to win something of consequence guys. I can’t believe some of you can’t see that. As I’ve said till I’m blue in the face, winning needs to be given the highest priority in Fayetteville. Mike needs to win something of significance. He’s not done that and he’s in year 8. That’s a problem.

That’s your opinion, which is fine, but not mine or other fans. Some of us still remember where we were when he got here and where he’s taken us. I’ll take that all day long.

No I think there are plenty of Razorback basketball fans who, like me, are tired of seeing us barely get to the NCAA tournament, or an early exit in the tournament when we do get there. Losing to the likes of Butler. Mike needs to do something more. Maybe mix in an occasional SEC championship or an NCAA sweet 16. How about that? We shall see.

When we’ve made the tourney under Anderson it wasn’t barely and we only lost the first game once. We’ve never had a losing season with Anderson and been to the SEC championship game multiple times.

I am a big MA fan and think the future is bright. IMO he has struggled with the new paradigm of having to guess when a player is going to turn pro. He was building a great team until Portis and Qualls left early, so hopefully he has learned from that. That said, tonight when Tx lined up to shoot free throws with 9.7 seconds left, I looked at the wife and said why is Gafford in the game? If they miss a free throw and he gets the rebound they will foul him immediately. That loss hurt, could have easily won that game.

I’m extremely satisfied and greatful Mike Anderson came back home to Fayetteville!
Sure it would be nice to win more. Everyone wants to win. But never win at all cost like many others being brought up in the pay for play scandle.
I can remember how frustrating it was during Stan Heath and John Phelprey. We have the right coach win or lose and he does his job with integrity.
I’d rather have CMA over any other coach out there. He has been getting good talent and it will improve. It’s part of the way we all grew up as hogs fans to say next year especially in football. We are all spoiled with the success of Baseball, soccer, track and field and even golf. Basketball has been getting better too include the lady backs. Football will only improve when we can keep a coach for 8 or more years. CMA will reach the second round or even the sweet 16 by next year. This young hog team we watched tonight will watch the tape and see how they lost this game. They will learn from it and get better. The mistakes cost our young hogs along with the 3 idiots in stripes.
Learn how to close a game out. With the ball and turn it over to give the ball back after a missed shot and also after a Texas score against the press with a poor pass.
I will enjoy watching my hogs this year and hope we are on this board sharing thoughts about how welll they played. No matter what I’m a hog fan. Put a hog team in competition in any sport and I’m a fan!

Couldn’t have said it better myself coach does more with less I enjoy every season watching hog basketball that wasn’t the case prior to coach A…

You have to give Gafford a chance to succeed in that moment he’s your centerpiece and it’s the first game of the season…plus no one else on the team was rebounding at a high clip. Point blank Gafford should have made both free throws when it really mattered that’s what great players do…he needs to improve his shooting and passing really returning his junior season would not hurt him at all imo

Agree with about everything except free throw shooting, if you wait until college to learn to shoot free throws it’s not a priority or likely to become one. Free throws will haunt us IMHO all season. WPS

i also like Mike Anderson as a person, elite coach, still to be determined, it is time to prove it.

results are all that matter. our last football coach for all intents and purposes was a nice guy. i truly hope Anderson succeeds, but its time for this program to step up to the next level. it is year 8. its time right now. And i think he can do it, we shall see.

that being said, i am thankful we are not involved in any of the cheating going on in college basketball. It is a cesspool that needs to be cleaned up right now.

rooting for success for the team and Anderson, disappointing start with a loss in a game we should have won. it will take time to put the pieces together, to determine who Anderson can trust on the court. Time will tell.

Like most of you I like Coach A for running a clean program and not cheating in the recruiting process.
But, when it comes to in game coaching I do think a better job could be done and that was the case last night against Texas.
Coach A should’ve had his guys give a foul prior to them having an attempt T the 3 point shot to tie the game at the end of regulation.
Also, Coach A should’ve called time out prior to our last possession in OT and get everyone on the same page for that final shot to win the game.
Having said that, I’m in his corner and hope to see different decisions made by him in the future if these same game situations occur, but he’s been a head coach for a long time now and perhaps this is just his style to allow the flow of the game play out and trust his players have already been coached during practice to understand what to do in these situations.

Go Hogs!

Mike Anderson appears to me to be doing a great job!! The excitement is always there and his teams are fun to watch. Love the brand of basketball he brings every night. Looks like he has recruited well–the kind of guys that can play his style-he got some in your face type players that will be fun to watch grow. Mike will make some coaching mistakes but I like the way his teams compete. They may be young but will definitely be the mix. This freshman class is nice. Already can see the Joe, Sills, and Chaney are good pickups and we still havent seen Jordan Phillips who could be the best of all of them.

Sounds like your only talking about wins and loses which means you fail to see the big picture. He’s won a lot of battles the previous two coaches couldn’t.

I would say that it is accurate that expectations should have been getting to the NCAA Tournament more times than they have been in the seven seasons that he has been coach.

But…Arkansas has won the third most games in the SEC in the past six years.

Would have won three SEC West championship titles if there were still divisions as there used to be.

The Razorbacks have been to the SEC Championship game several times and to the NCAA three of the last four years.

His teams have neither been as good as people would have expected during the full tenure or as bad as you posts would seem to categorize.

That being said, I would have fouled in regulation and called timeout in overtime.

Fair comments Dudley.