I have decided not to post much anymore(sorry it's Long)

I really enjoyed and appreciated your insights. You will be missed.

I have always enjoyed respected and looked forward to your knowledgeable posts and hate like the devil to see you back off.I also respect your need to change gears but will miss your input.I hope you can find the inner peace we all strive for.

Please don’t go - but if you must, your postings will be missed greatly! I always looked forward to what you had to say because whatever it was, it had knowledge and substance. I have one final request - would you please share on what you believe happened for Ricky Stromberg to start over Cunningham? Is the true freshman that good or is Cunningham maybe not as good as advertised? Good luck Youda

At the end of the day, none of this stuff matters. There are some that want to make/prove a point. I don’t know why. I have my opinions, you have yours, they have theirs. You can’t convince a moron that they’re a moron. Just remember that and don’t sweat the small stuff.


I hope you’ll reconsider. I enjoy your posts.

Thank you for your kind words. I think Cunningham is going to be a very good football player. I never ever really thought he was a guard, he doesn’t have that body type in my opinion, he needs to get much stronger because right now he’s getting overwhelmed. He’s long and lean and that is exactly what you look for in an offensive tackle. I think right now Stromberg has better pad level, he comes off the ball lower, is very aggressive and is driving his feet through contact which is something Cunningham struggles with on occasion. Last week was not a good game for Cunningham and I’m really not surprised he’s playing a position he’s not ever played to my knowledge. There’s a lot of stuff goes on inside that just requires experience and he simply doesn’t have that.
I really like both players though and think they both will become very good offensive lineman given the time that they need to adjust to the toughest conference in America.


There you go, exactly what we’ve all been waiting for!


I hate to hear that YDM. The complainers always make more noise than the people who think positive abilities things. I always enjoy your insight and thoughts. Additionally, grammar nazis are simply insecure so please consider us folks who don’t have your knowledge and enjoy your thoughts.

Sorry to hear all of this Y.

It is standard message board behavior these days, sad to say: the good guys walk and the bad guys continue to drive the good guys away.

I enjoy your insights - post when you feel you can.

Hope you come back to post in the future after you take some time away from the board.

I always enjoy reading your very insightful posts, best of luck to you.

I will miss your insights youdaman. I don’t know anything about line play, and your perspective always seemed rooted in knowledge and experience.

Billy will be around. Just in smaller doses. It’s all good. We had a good visit over the phone today. The man knows offensive line play.

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I hope you continue to post, even if in smaller doses. You add a lot of value to these boards.

What they said, YDM!

Please keep posting. Your absence will leave this board with a big shortage in knowledgeable OL posts. As you can see, the majority of posters on this board hope you’ll see fit to keep posting. It’s certainly understandable though, if you need to take a “breather” and want to spend a little time away.

Here’s hoping you will continue to post, even if it’s at a reduced quantity. I don’t know jack-poop about OL play and if you stop posting, I’ll feel like I’m losing my tutor.

I am new to the board so I don’t have the history good or bad that others may have.

I posted once already that there seem to be some board members who do not follow the rules of civility per the FAQs.

To me, establishing a set of rules for posting that (1) are not followed a board member and (2) are subsequently given a free pass by board moderators (maybe because they are longtime and/or frequent posters) seems hypocritical.

I was forewarned by a former longtime board member on the old HawgsIllustrated board that the bullies on this board are given free passes and he got sick of the silly nitpicking back and forth so he dropped his membership a few years ago.

I had hoped this board would have knowledgeable people that would provide insight to members like myself who are longtime Arkansas fans but aren’t former coaches or athletes

I guess not

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This is the kind of knowledge and insight that I come on the board to get. You need to get Bambaustic Hog to show you how to block some of the “negative nellies” that irritate you and keep on posting. If you don’t, it was a pleasure reading your comments even when they were completely wrong :slight_smile: and I wish you well.

Youdaman, sorry to hear you’ll be taking a backseat role for a little bit (hopefully just a little bit). Your commentary on OLine play, as well as your insight into baseball, will not go unnoticed.

I went back to the thread you referenced and realized I was one of the ones who had a different opinion than yours. Hopefully I am not one of the ones you mentioned as pushing you away. If so, I do apologize.

If you believe that someone is out of line, please let one of the moderators know. You can always private message me to let me know what you find offensive. Moderators cannot always read every post and sometimes we might not interpret the post in the way that you do. Sometimes things get taken the wrong way. When I know someone, I might appreciate their sense of humor. You might not. I’ve been know to tell some of my friends to knock it off. :facepunch: