I have decided not to post much anymore(sorry it's Long)

I have been on this board for a long long time. I initially got on the board to hopefully share a coaches thoughts in the game. I am the most passionate fan you could probably ever meet and I have probably overstepped my fandom on many occasions but have never done anything that I’m really ashamed of.
I am stepping away from the board for a variety of reasons. There are several on this board who will go out of their way to disprove or make me look bad. And it’s directly because I posted it. There are a few and one in particular who think I post nothing but negative stuff which is absolutely 100% falsea and I know it’s personal because these people have never ever agreed with anything I posted at least publicly.I am the most positive fan on this board when something good happens, and if those few people would have the guts to come on this board in recognize that it would be different.That will never happen because that would prove that I actually do know what I’m talking about and they could never ever stand that. The negative posting thing comes about because I comment on a lot of things as they are happening on the field, and especially in football there happens to be way more negative things happening than positive, but they amazingly overlook all of the positive comments I make when we do things right. I have always said what I post is REALITY and that is the truth!if something good happens on the field I’m the first one to stand up and applaud,when something bad happens I would also comment. That is called accountability! I was extremely hard on my players but they held the utmost respect for me because they did something good you could not find a bigger cheerleader anywhere in the world for them, same way with the Hogs.

The grammar thing was blown out of proportion, but it was a sign from above that Billy you need to step away from all that foolishness. When people can overlook the content of a post and look to see if it is grammatically correct then it’s time to step away. I even had one poster say that my post were unintelligible because of the lack of grammatical perfection. I just had to step away and laugh and to be honest it made me question the intelligence of that person if they can’t read words and understand them unless they are in perfect grammatical form.
I made a post about starkel and Whaley kind of getting into it on the sideline and I was curious if there was some dissension between the two previously because I had read elsewhere that starkel wasn’t the most liked person because of his attitude, I am now finding out that wasn’t true. but several posters thought that was the craziest speculation that I could make that kind of assumption by looking at something on TV.There was a poster as a result of this to try to poke fun at me asking cuz I read the yuracheck mind as he was sitting in on the press conference. The reason I posted that is because I have seen it happen on numerous teams where position battles have destroyed the team and I did not find it funny at all.Thats all fine and good to be honest because most all of you have never coached and don’t really understand what goes on behind the scenes but it rubbed me the wrong way.
The real reason I’m stepping away from the board for the most part is really this. The most important thing has always been and always will be my faith! I have been giving sports top billing far too long to be honest. I have always lived in the belief that I am too blessed to be stressed, when something starts to stress me then I try to eliminate the source and that is the reason why I decided to just step back and not really post much because I don’t need all of the drama that goes along with it.
I think if any of you would actually meet me in person you would probably walk away thinking wow that is probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met,very classy, very professional(Dudley is the only one I’ve met and I think he would hopefully agree with that). I was been blessed to be raised by an incredible Christian mother who instilled in me the desire to put others before themselves and I have always tried to do. I tragically lost her in an accident by the pool 3 years ago which absolutely devastated me because I had no time to prepare for it, was trying to get over my brother who died three months before her with liver cancer so I have been through a lot in the last 3 years and this board was used to give me something to look forward to. I no longer have that type of desire. I will say that you can feel free to ask my opinion on something please feel free to message me I will get to you as soon as I can. I have a new job that requires me to travel a good bit so I ask for your patience.if you have anything you need me to pray about I will be glad to do so. I think Clay will tell you that to be true.
Well that’s the the reason I have decided to just back away. I hope and pray all of you have a very blessed day God bless you all.


I hate to see you not post as I considered you one of the few that posted that really knew the game. But I understand. I still read the board but rarely post for similar reasons. I even changed my board name when we migrated to new site. I really visit now to get information, not opinions or argument.

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Yes, sad day for this community.

(And Cokie Roberts also passed; very sad for the good news guys.)

youdaman, just keep on being the man. Don’t let a bunch of lame brains keep you from posting what your think, we all think differently the ones that think they got it figured out are the crazy ones. You’ve offer up good unbiased insight without any attitude, wish you would keep it coming. Alwasy thought that you were da man.

Youdaman—you are still the man! I respect completely your reason for stepping away, particularly the comments about your faith and getting priorities right. I do hope you will post when you can and feel compelled to do so. I respect your expertise and you are one of the few posters tha t always read regardless of thread subject. I agree with at least 95% of your comments and anything I didn’t necessarily think was right I didn’t have a good rebuttal for. I will pray for you and hope you can get past some of your heartache and anguish!

Billy, I’ve always respected you and your opinion and appreciated your ability to admit when you are wrong. After this post my respect has gone up. You will be missed but I totally understand your position. My family has had tragedy this past year that helps put Razorback sports in perspective. Thanks for being a big part of our HI family for years.

And you are still daman!

I will confirm the prayer warrior that Billy is. He is da man in every respect where faith is concerned. When I have prayer needs, Billy is right there.

Billy has been with the HI family for a long time.

Talk soon Billy.

Very clear and solid answer to those wondering how you are doing.

You will be missed. I always look forward to your analysis of the offensive line play and their development. I admit I would get frustrated at some of your in game “negative” comments but understood that a coach would be frustrated seeing certain things happen over and over. Always sought your comments on the board to see what you were seeing in the Hog’s play.

Wishing the best for you and hope that you may occasionally drop a thought on how our Hogs are doing!


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Sad to see you go but I certainly understand your reasons. I don’t post much, never have actually, for the same reasons you stated. I visit this board for insider information and to read different opinions about the program.

You always provided a unique perspective that few others could match. I’ll miss reading your posts

I hope you’re new adventure works out for you… take care and God Bless.

You’re my guy. Always have been, always will be.

Billy from my PM’s with you, I feel like I have gotten to know you at least a little bit, and have always considered you to be a righteous dude and a brother in Christ. You and I have shared many common experiences, both good and bad. I hate it that this board no longer gives you joy, but I understand where you are coming from. All the best to you my friend. Don’t be a total stranger and as I am sure you have heard many times since the Summer of 74, don’t be a hero. BTE, GHG and WPS!

Youdaman, much respect to you. A few years ago, I also had to take a break from the board for similar reasons. Just wasn’t fun anymore. After some soul searching I was able to get back on here (pretty much everyday, I’m retired now :wink:)

Whenever you decide to post again, whether just occasionally or everyday we got your back. Good luck brother, and remember youdaman

Hope you do post when it moves you. Right now, I only post if the subject peaks my interest. Anyway good luck to you and don’t stay away too long…
I always read your posts.

Youdaman…your insight and posts will be missed. Much respect for your decision as I somewhat did the same several years ago…just got to frustrating at times to post anything. Prayers to you and your family as you work to find peace and push through the recent issues with your family. Safe travels brother in your new job and look forward to some future posts from you.

I have always respected your opinions, look for you posts after games. I’d be very sad to lose you on this board .

But I’ve also had times where I had to step away, where I didn’t like my behavior or when another poster just really irritates me. I quit looking at the basketball board for weeks at a time last season.

So take a little time if you need, but don’t stay away too long. we are watching a new OL start to gel, this should be a much better era starting than the last few years.

Maybe u could ignore/block a couple people?


You’re very welcome :wink:

You are missed. Your insights and explanations were enjoyed and looked forward to.
Your summation of personal events and the examinations we undergo is revealing.
Faith and beliefs have a way of rearranging our normal routines.
You will be missed for more just your football knowledge.

Rest in the Lord. Believe me, your presence is missed. We need your voice as soon as you
are at peace with being here.

God bless and GHG.

LOL, I don’t think you were one of my tormentors, but I’ve tried to forget that stuff


If the fire is going out because of outside issues take a break, evaluate and come back soon. But, don’t ever let someone else determine or direct your Hog passion and conversing about that love. Use that negativity as fuel and double down on your writing expression because you have talent and experience few on this board have.

Nah, I know who it was and they were involved in running off a few more longtime posters. They may have even been involved in the recent threads that are irritating people.