I have been watching Olympics

And where we should dominate Track and Fiield we definitely suck!

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The last 15 months have been a crap shoot for training. What we have had in the US for some time is unbelievable access to coaches and training. Covid-19 has changed that.

I believe the USA women’s soccer team made a decision to take the older players because they could not really work younger players in over the last 18 months. They just took the most experienced players and they didn’t look like they still had the needed speed.

If I’m not mistaken, the NCAA meet and the trials were jammed tightly together. That might have taken a toll. Everything in track has been weird in USA for the last 18 months. There has been no consistency in the ultimate competitions that have made our country a cut above everyone else.

This may not be true, but that’s at least a theory.

Sounds good but something needs to be be fixed for sure!

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Just remember that college programs (the life blood of USA Track) kicked athletes out of their training facilities last year. There were no NCAA or conference meets. That evened the playing field. What percentage of our USA Track prospects come from college campuses? Locked facilities (and gyms) were the norm. Actually, the norm was nothing normal.

The other thing that happened, you had a shut down of world-wide track, too. There was no traveling over seas, I don’t think.

Yeah they were like 10 days apart. I think some athletes never left Eugene, just stayed around after the NCAA until the Trials started,

They were. But the US favorites for Track&Field that did not perform up to expectations did not take part in the NCAAs. So they cannot use that as an excuse,

As I said before, after how they performed in the world championships in 2019, US men were poised to sweep 100, 200, 400, 800, 4x100 and 4x400 and also win 110M Hurdles, Triple Jump and Shot Put. From this list, 4x400 remains to be contested. But from the remaining, only Shot Put came through, courtesy Ryan Crouser.

Women have performed well winning Discus, 400M Hurdles and Pole Vault so far.

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You can bet that China/Russia didn’t shut down any of their training…

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Track and Field may be similar to golf…in that the domination of the game or the sport by the United States may be lessening because the rest of the world is getting better in the sport. As other countries grow, become more advanced…some of our advantage is lessened.

It’s how you do on one day. Have a bad one, or an unlucky one, whether in the final or a preliminary round, and your dream is over. People get tripped. Sandi Morris broke her pole and got injured. There’s talent and skill, sure, but there’s also a whole lot of luck,

I heard Mike Tirico say the other night that more nations have won medals in this Olympics than ever before. So even countries that have never produced medalists before are getting in on the act. Like Bermuda and the Bahamas have both won gold in Tokyo. Bermuda has a total population smaller than Fayetteville. The Bahamas’ population is less than Tulsa.

That has been happening for quite some time now. But just two years ago, USA dominated the World Championships winning 9 gold medals for men. So, that cannot be the cause of this poor performance.

In fact if the men had repeated the times and marks they had just a month ago in the Olympic Trials, they would have 6 gold medals right now instead of one.

Those who follow T&F closely and former stars such as Carl Lewis and Michael Johnson are calling for a review of the team coaching staff and how they trained between the Trials and the Olympics,

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I am guessing that the review will reveal that coaches and athletes were handcuffed by Covid fears.

Isn’t COVID a world wide thing?

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