I have been watching Auburn Florida and

I did not see two top ten teams at all.

What’s the over/under and crazy plays?

I saw why you don’t start a true freshman QB unless you just absolutely have to. I also saw two pretty dadgum good Defenses.

Gus is paying for a true frosh QB at the swamp. Asked him to do too much.

24-13 Gators 3:29 left

Gators have the ball

I’ve loved the game, old school SEC , defense and whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins!


From the little I saw it looked like two really good defenses took advantage of playing inexperienced quarterbacks.

Both will get a chance to prove if they are top 10 worthy in the next few weeks. Florida goes to LSU and plays Georgia, and Auburn still has to play LSU, Georgia and Alabama.

Who outside of the top ten would you have replaced them with?

based on the one game. I would move them down into the ten to 20 slots.

The Tennessee freshman quarterback looked really good against Georgia the first half. Tennessee played pretty danged well, I thought.

Florida and Auburn both have very good defensive teams, but they will both lose 2-3 games. I expect LSU to put it on Florida next week in corndog country.

And who would you have moved up? Specifically

it’s a great question, and he likely won’t answer, since both teams look to be top-10 quality. I really enjoyed that game, and really hope that someday the Hogs look like either of those teams.


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My guess is Auburn will fall a little bit, but will still be top 11 or 12 because it lost to a good team on the road. Texas and Penn State are the only two teams I could see jumping Auburn into the top 10. Oregon should not leap Auburn because of the head-to-head result. Iowa lost and Washington is on the verge of losing.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Florida move up a couple of spots.

Fla is definitely a top 10 team…

watched the game with an eye to future opponent auburn. their offense is no juggernaut but after watching their defense, I’m not so sure how our offensive line will hold up. they got some men on the defensive line period. somehow if we can stop the run and make them throw it we can slow them down.

but i worry about the health of our qb after watching them against florida. gus will run the score up on us if he can.

Right exactly. People say so and so isn’t a top 10 team or top 25 team, but someone has to be ranked. Who do they think deserves it? Auburn’s resume was better than anyone prior to yesterday.

I did not say they were not a top team pair, I said they did not play like it. 8 turnovers.

I guess this is open to interpretation???