I have a suspicion

That Texas will beat Florida tomorrow afternoon. The Wallets looked like a beaten team last night, like they’ve mentally checked out.

Don’t know who will win but it may turn into a sloppy game. I think both squads may have checked out & their star players are ready to be done with it and draw a big paycheck.

Florida, to me, looks like a team that won’t be devastated if it doesn’t win. A lot of those players know that their paydays are coming as soon as the season ends.

It’s a team that for years has won more on talent than want-to or great fundamentals.

I look at it from a slightly different perspective . . . I’ve been thinking about who I’d like to see win. Not sure it makes a lot of difference - to an Arkansas fan - at this point. Obviously, we need to take care of business against Tech before any of this matters.

But if we do, who would we want to survive the losers bracket and come back and have to beat us two times to advance to the finals?

I’d say either Texas or Florida. In Florida’s case, as others above have pointed out, they just don’t seem to have the fire in their belly that they had last season, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because they already won it last year; maybe because so many are already thinking about their pro careers. Who knows, for sure? But either way, if we play like we can I think we’ll do to them what we did in the SEC Tournament game.

As for Texas, they are feisty and they have more attitude than Florida (this year). But they also just are not as talented, top to bottom. Well, maybe “talented” isn’t altogether the correct term. Their balance of talent and experience isn’t quite there. We’ve now pounded them in 3 games, and I’m confident they would not beat us in back to back games.

Tech worries me more. However, if we can beat them tomorrow (Tues) and they have to come through a loser’s bracket game, I don’t think their pitching will hold up enough to keep our offense in check for the two games they’d have to do it.

So, color me cautiously confident - IF we can beat them tomorrow.

Florida is just a much better team than Texas. They have better pitching and better defense. I think Florida will win.

Fla has backs against the wall and will play like it,I don’t see them doing anything with Kowar.

Kowar has been a little off lately too! It Texas grabs a lead early I think the Gators will choke. I’d rather play either one of these teams than to face Texas Tech again. Win tomorrow night and sit back and rest until Friday. When the dust settles I don’t see any team in Omaha that can beat the hogs in back to back games.