I have a reason for asking this

Drinkwitz or BLJ?


This is really getting crazy.

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Drinkwitz. At least he has more than two games experience running the show.

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Who is BLJ?

One has real head coaching experience and one has SEC experience.
Flip a coin.

Never mind…got it

You have no reason because you don’t know anything. None of us know anything.

Now, back to watching the Cowboys get their ass kicked.

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I’ll stick with Kiffin until I hear something solid otherwise.

If that’s where we are HY missed his man.

Since HY was not able to get it done at Houston, think Kiffin would hold that against him, since there seems to be a competitive offer where he can win a lot sooner?

BLJ and spend a ton on assistants


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Rethinking this: Blake Anderson. After what he went through this year and what his team was still able to accomplish, and what they have built in Jonesboro, if the state can’t rally around him, then is there really anybody to rally around? People are talking about Butch Davis when Blake Anderson is setting over in Jonesboro with Missouri looking at him? C’mon man.

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It would equal, I’m only a Razorback basketball and baseball fan from now on. Wouldn’t put myself through the misery

What’s the reason? sounds like you let go of the rope completely.

Drinkwitz and it is not even remotely close.

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The Skipper Holtz. Why is this man not in the mix?

I was told yesterday morning by someone I trust a lot due due to a relationship he has with a certain PTB that Drinkwitz knocked his interview out of the park and as a result moved way up in the pecking order and has moved even further up in recent days as Kiffin wavers and of course Campbell told them no.

He told me last night that if Kiffin picks Ole Miss that the job will either go to Drinkwitz or BLJ who is loved by the players, their parents, etc. He had not heard about Butch’s name being in the mix.

I will say this guy is connected to some people involved in this search and is not one to BS me.

I guess we’ll see if he knows what he’s talking about if Kiffin goes to Ole Miss.