I have a new respect for Pat Bev


That was awesome. Thank you for sharing. I think how a person is on the court should have no bearing of them off the court and vice versa. I’ve felt the same about Tiger Woods. You can like the player but not the person or the person but not the player.

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That was great! No question, Patrick earned his spot in the NBA with hard work and perseverance. I loved that video.


What people dislike about him is the drive that got him where he is. Possibly the same for a lot of coaches and athletes we don’t like. Many say there is a right way and a wrong way, but that doesn’t apply to those that make it. There’s only “my” way. No one other than yourself to blame in the end.

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Loved this video. Have grandkids yelling, screaming around me so there’s something I didn’t hear well.

I thought Patrick was much beloved as a Hog. But he talked about a suspension. Did that occur at Arkansas? I can’t remember.

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I’m pretty sure he flunked a drug test and was also flunking out. They said that was one of the main reasons Altman flew the coop.

Aloha Razor,
Thanks for sharing! Loved it!
UA…Campus of Champions

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One thing about Bev, he stays on his game no matter what. Other night Luka Doncic was overpowering him, but Bev kept trash talking as if he had locked Luka down.


It was academic. Someone wrote a paper for him if remember the rumors at the time correctly. Never heard if it was an official tutor or a friend or a girlfriend.

Believe it was an official tutor.

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I think what y’all said was a tutor wrote a paper for him and he was suspended. While at Arkansas? If so, how was Altman involved? I just cannot remember whether he played thru his junior or senior year at Arkansas, and I don’t remember a stain on his name as a Razorback. Plus, in the video, i thought Patrick was very positive about his period as a Razorback.

Too much to unpack here, Fred. I’ll let somebody else tackle it.
Not a huge fan of Pat Bev, but I respect his hustle, and I really respect that he is All Hog.

When Altman showed up he looked at everyone’s grades and they were ugly. Pat had lots of issues and there was no way he would ever be eligible again.

Altman got on the first thing smoking after that.

That right there was a heck of a low point for this program. Pelphrey just bumped along the bottom for 4 years, he took Heath’s players, had one good year and then never recruited like he needed to. Mike Anderson slowly but surely built respectability back to Arkansas allowing us to eventually get Muss. Always liked Mike, wish he had been able to be more successful than he ended up being.

Mike cleaned up a huge mess and brought us back to respectability. I will always appreciate him for his integrity and hard work as our coach.

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