I have a little inside info on Musselman

My son plays juco at Bossier Parish CC. His teammate Eric Parrish is signed with Nevada.

Months ago one of the assistant coach’s from Bossier and I were talking about Eric Parrish going to Nevada. He was telling me that he had watched some of Nevada’s practices. He said he had never seen such intense practices. This coach played D1 and played overseas for a while. He said he is a in your face kind of dude. He won’t put up with loafing or missing assignments. His exact words were playing for him is not for the faint of heart.

Will be interesting to see how our current players respond to it.

I’ve heard that. Was told he’s a little tougher than Izzo. Wonder if someone records him, what reaction towards him will be,

Been doing a lot of searching on Coach myself…I’ll say that his players like and respect him.

This is good. Reminds me of CNR. I think former players are going to embrace the intensity.

My daughter attended Tennessee with Tamika Catchings. They became friends and had lunch once a week. One weekend my daughter came home and asked me if I had ever heard of Tamika. I laughed and said absolutely. She had been friends with her for a couple of months and had no idea she played basketball until that week.

Misty told me that Tamika talked about Pat Summit at one of their lunches (this was Tamikia’s senior year) She said her freshman year she (and all the other freshmen) were scared to death of Pat. She said she was on them all them time and never let up. Her sophomore year she said Pat was still very tough and demanding and she still was not comfortable with her but not afraid anymore. In her Junior year she said coach Summit had not changed her approach but it began to occur to her that Pat was just trying to make her a better player (and a better person). She began to like Pat. And in her senior year Tamika said had learned to love Pat. She said once she was comfortable talking to her about anything she became a mother figure to her.

I’ve heard from former Hogs that Sutton and Richardson had a similar approach. And it worked. Hopefully this is the type of coach we’ve hired. I hope so.