I have a hard time accepting this comment

BB: they had more intensity than us

I guess some of our guys don’t care enough

Sounds like an issue and times in football and basketball
I wish they all wanted it as bad as Morgan

Morgan & AA are full of passion

I wish we had a Nick Saban clone on def staff that met them halfway on the field and chewed on them till they got to the sidelines when missed assignments occur

Whether we were up 40 pts against Alcorn St or down 30 against Auburn they can’t just keep making busts and play

Morgan is my favorite Razorback ever - unfortunately it appears we have not recruited enough guys like him that give 100%each and every play. Otherwise, intensity would not be a problem.

CBB needs to study him to learn how an SEC coach should operate. Works hard, very serious, has a plan, very-disciplined team because he is very disciplined. He will even chew on his assistants when needed on the sidelines during a game. I want to see that type of passion from CBB. He is only passionate with the officials over some obscure rule because he is a “rules expert”.

The SEC is not a place to learn on the job, especially not at over $4 million per year. Bielema is a marginal coach. Won’t change. Bad hire.

If only you guys were in charge. :roll:

Arm chair coach and arm chair AD are two of the easiest jobs on earth, no qualications necessary. Not saying that yesterday’s result is acceptable and serious improvement should not be expected, but going full board burn down the barn mode does do not generally produce good outcomes.

Some of the upset posters may need to take a break from the board because there is too much over reaction. That doesn’t mean you need to go kick your dog :wink:

Couldn’t agree more.

Changes have to be made, but it is not time to throw the baby out with the bath water.

It’s always good after a loss to having a “cooling off” period. That’s why most interviews postgame are done after players have a chance to cool down so they won’t have a knee-jerk reaction. That doesn’t stop some, obviously. Probably wouldn’t be a bad thing for posters. Certainly, changes have to be made, but I’d sure hope those changes are made when “cooler heads” have prevailed.

But I do see the need for a place to vent.

No but I have been around a lot of young men, some in very stressful situations, and I can recognize unemotional, undisciplined actions. Bielema needs to show he cares about being the coach of the razorbacks.

Morgan is a stud

Undersized but a playmaker

If we had more of him think what Srkandas would be?

And, what makes you the expert on how coach BB operates? Players win, Coaches lose…right?