I have a great idea

Let’s give Mike another contract extension.

Sure glad I gave up my seats after 34 years. Although falling down the stairs on the South side, (for the 4 of 5 time) My urologist doctor, actually called me and said before I killed my self I needed to really think about letting them go. . After all he has used then and and I have given him a ticket and sat together. This time in particular nobody caught me. ONLY 3 or 4 steps. no blood but a headache for 10 days.


Is there any chance with Louisville, MSU (?? Not sure of the team AND others) do you think this can cause the start of a run for the Razorback getting players we should be getting and maybe a more level playing field???

First, take of yourself and don’t fall. The contract extension, bad idea. Small buyout good idea. Of the nine remaining games, the only game I can say for sure that AR can win is the Vanderbilt. The rest, home or on the road, they can lose. The reason; no inside play. You can not win games by shooting from outside.

The contract extension is a great idea. You want players, and the players want to know the coach they are committing to is under contract for the time they are going to be in school. The buyout didn’t change. If a change is needed, the buyout is quite doable.

Vandy is a well coached team & should have won in Rupp last night. they miss the front end of a one & one, then missed the back end of a one & one & fouled on the rebound & UK made both free throws to send it into OT.

Then I take back vandy too. This is a crazy game. I think AR is going to scrap a few wins here and there. Not enough to make us happy.